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Who are Simply Holiday Deals?

We are a team that is dedicated to find the cheapest travel deals online. Every week we search dozens of companies worldwide and hand-pick the best. You can access these travel deals by signing up to receive our Email newsletter every Wednesday or follow us on social media. We have been active since 2013.

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We send out our best hand-picked travel deals every Wednesday. From time to time we find deals so great we cannot wait to share with you and we will send you these separately but we try to not do this too often, possibly 2 – 3 times per week at most.

Can you give me a personalised quote on a holiday if I provide you details?

We realize that sometimes you have specific requests and needs and may need to take a more personalised approach than using our weekly hand-picked deals. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you a personalised quote as we are not a travel agent ourselves. That is why we created our quote tool. Simply answer a few questions and we will send your information to our partners who will provide you free quotes and compete for your business so you can find the cheapest deal personalised for you. Find our quote tool on the top navigation of our site.

How do you get access to such great deals?

We spend hours every week searching the far corners of the Internet, so you do not have to. In addition, we have relationships with the top travel agents who send us their very best travel deals directly from which we share with you.

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We understand you may want to stop receiving emails from time to time. We are sorry to see you go but we do not want to send Emails to you if you will not read them or worse, delete them. You can unsubscribe at the bottom of every Email we send out. If you have any problems unsubscribing feel free to contact us and we can unsubscribe on your behalf. If you wish to start receiving travel deals again you can sign up anytime on our site.

Do I book my trip directly with you?

No, we are not a booking site nor do we accept your credit card or payment details. When you find a travel deal you like, visit the supplier website to book. If you have any questions or concerns once you have booked a trip, please contact the supplier directly.

Do you sell or share my information?

No, we respect your privacy. We do not share or sell your information with anyone. You can learn more about this by reading our privacy policy.

How to book cheap holiday deals online

  • Refine your search and know what you want. There is simply too much information online to look at everything.
  • Set your budget – Know your budget and if you find what you are looking for book it! FOMO on a lower price can prevent us from doing what we want (going on holiday)
  • Sign up to receive offers from travel deal sites like SimplyHolidayDeals
  • Be flexible – Consider travelling in the shoulder season and keep your dates open
  • Book in advance if you want to travel in the peak season or watch for last minute holiday deals
  • Consider new destinations less traveled – While Spain, Portugal and Greece are all very popular for good reason they can be more expensive. Consider a destination like Turkey, Tunisia, India and so many others that don’t come to mind first.