21 December, 2019 7:51 pm Published by Gabriela Kurtz

When we talk about the best tourist destinations in the world, we cannot end the list without including the United Kingdom. The UK offers some of the great holiday destinations, such as stunning coastal views, spectacular landmarks, historic castles, best in class restaurants and much more, with something for everyone-friends, family, couples and singles.

The views can be best experienced only when you take a road trip as it allows you to interact with nature no matter wherever you go. But, while planning your holiday, be sure to get travel insurance for the extra peace of mind during your trip. 

Here is a list of the few things that will make your road trip in the UK much more fun.  

  1. Serene Coastal Views

If you fancy taking a walk on the coastline, the UK has some of the best beaches in the world. From the stunning beauty of Cornwall’s beaches to Northumberland’s tidy shorelines and The Jurassic Coast in Dorset, you will get to experience some fascinating coastlines here. Moreover, the UK is also a home to many seaside towns, such as Brighton, Dover and Whitby. In fact, no one is ever away more than two hours from the sea. 

Photo credit: pixabay

  1. Beautiful Gardens and Astonishing Scenery

Great Britain is a true paradise on earth. You don’t have to visit any island or forest to experience the green and pleasant atmosphere, but the UK lets you see nature in all its glory while you explore the country. London’s Royal Botanic Gardens offers you more than 50,000 species of plants to learn about. Also, don’t miss Mount Stewart gardens in Northern Ireland, tropical Inverewe Garden in Scotland and beautiful Colby Woodland Garden of Wales, which are some of the best gardens in the world. 

Photo credit: pixabay

  1. Sumptuous Dining Experience

Over the past few decades, Britain has become a centre for delicious food. It has some of the best restaurants in the world, featuring more than 70 Michelin starred restaurants. But, that’s not all. No trip is complete without trying full English breakfast and authentic British food that includes fish and chips. The Scottish Breakfast is also a must-have which is similar to English breakfast, but comes with sliced sausage, black pudding and potato scone. 

Photo credit: pixabay

  1. Great Castles, Museums and Architecture

Your road trip would not be completed without coming across prominent architectures. In every part of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, you will find various fairytale castles, thatched cottages, famous museums, eminent cathedrals and impressive mansions, some of which are open for public viewing. The British Museum, Windsor Castle, Anne Hathway’s Cottage and Antony House are some of the attractions that you can enjoy during your trip. 

Photo credit: pixabay

We hope these reasons entice you to plan a road trip in the UK. However, before you begin your trip, consider proper travel cover, which can save you thousands of pounds in case anything goes wrong.

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