6 July, 2018 10:44 pm Published by Cristi Casella

If you are planning a sophisticated city break this summer then make life simple and take a look at this handy guide to these top three European destinations. Find out the best places to go to get that perfect Instagram snap, where to dine out and other top attractions from these on-trend destinations – planning your trip will really be as easy as ABC.


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is famous for its cultural heritage with a district which is home to the Van Gogh Museum. The cities Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk centre for modern art hold works by Rembrandt and Vermeer making this a city to visit for any truly respecting art-lover.

Cycling here is a way of life and the city is home to more than 800,000 bicycles that are used to navigate around the intricate network of cycle routes and canal paths. It is a healthy and safe way to see a lot of the city in a short space of time, so whether you are there for the weekend or for a week, then hiring a bike is a must.

Speaking of canals, why not take a charming canal cruise along one of Amsterdam’s UNESCO protected waterways. It is beautiful during the day and even more so at night. Why not take a romantic journey under the stars and get to know the city in the evening. At this time of the day, the dynamic is noticeably different and it turns from a dreamy and quintessential European getaway to a bustling and vibrant urban area.

Skip the chain-stores of Kalerstraat and head down the cobbled and quaint centuries-old streets to find a number of vintage boutiques and specialist stores – the perfect places to buy your unique souvenirs.

Wherever you decide to head in this picturesque city then just ensure you pack a pair of good shoes, with so much walking around you are certainly going to need them.


If you are looking to see the very best of historical Spanish architecture whilst simultaneous experiencing an entirely modern and dynamic city then Barcelona is the best place to go to achieve both.

The Metro system in Barcelona is a travellers dream and is one of the easiest to navigate in the whole of Europe. It really is one of the jewels in the cities crown and makes it possible for you to see The Magic Fountain of Montjuic’ and ‘Sagrada Familia’ on the same day.

No visit to this city would be complete without a trip to the Gothic Quarter where you can see the best that Spanish architecture has to offer. Gaudi’s work is visible all across the city and Park Guell is a must see where country garden meets urban area. End the day outside one of the cities numerous traditional Spanish Cuisine bistros and enjoy some Sangrias with the incredibly friendly locals.


Situated on Denmark’s eastern coast, Copenhagen is a just over an hour and a half away from the UK with direct flights available every day. This city has a history that dates back to 1043 and you would be crazy not to take some time out to see some of its most famous landmarks such as The Little Mermaid statue, Tivoli Gardens and Kronborg Castle that featured in one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays; Hamlet.

Take a boat trip out to Christiansborg Palace on the island of Slotsholmen and see where the Danish Parliament is located.

If you are visiting during the summer months then Nyhavn is the perfect place to chill out after a busy day of sightseeing. This beautiful port was the home of the Danish fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Anderson and the locals are always more than happy to spend hours discussing his works over a cold beer down by the quay.

Copenhagen can be often overlooked for Scandinavia’s more famous cities such as Stockholm and Reykjavik but it is certainly one that is worth a visit, trust us, you will not be disappointed.

Perfect Summer Getaways

Amsterdam, Barcelona and Copenhagen are some of Europe’s most fascinating and one of the best things about all of these locations is that there are all accessible from the centrally located Birmingham Airport. Why not take the car and leave it in the very spacious Birmingham Airport Car Park 5 with the peace of mind that when you return you can just hop in and make your way home.

There is a range of prices and duration lengths that can be researched directly from the Birmingham Airport website giving you more time to plan the places you are going to be visiting on your luxurious summer travels. Just be sure to take lots of Instagram worthy pictures, so good you won’t even need a filter.

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