27 September, 2018 11:09 pm Published by Carol Trehearn

Planning a romantic trip away with that special someone?There are many stunning areas located right here in the UK that areperfect for a romantic getaway, andthis can make it difficult to decide. There is something for everyone whether you are the type of couple that like to explore major cities and soak up culture or stroll in the great outdoors and take in the acres of magnificent countryside. So, if you want to whisk away your partner for a holiday that is sure to strengthen your bond, read on a for a few of the best spots for a romantic trip in the UK.


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If you are the type of couple that likes to experience culture together,then you cannot beat the capital. Thisis one of the most glamorous destinations in the world thanks to its historical landmarks, museums, shopping, tourist attractions, andfood and drink scene. There are endless options for romantic things to do in London along with many wonderful parks that are perfect for times when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Isle of Skye

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Those seeking peace and quietalong with spectacular natural scenery will do well to find somewhere better than the Isle of Skye, which is connected to Scotland’s northwest coast by a bridge. It is a destination known for breathtaking natural scenery, medieval castles and scenic fishing villages, including the charming town of Portree with many cosypubs by the harbourthat are perfect for a romantic evening.

Lake District

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When people think of England’s natural beauty, it is highly likely they will first think of the Lake District in North West England. Thisis for a good reasonbecause the mountainous region, which is a popular holiday spot, features picture-perfect landscapes with epic blue lakes, verdant forests and imposing mountains which makes it a great spot for hiking with your partner. Additionally, some of the best holiday lodges for sale Lake District has to offer are delightful and mean that you can make this a regular place for a special weekend.


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Bath is a superb destination for a romantic getaway because it is a beautiful, historicaland friendly city that also features a vibrant culture and it is surroundedby beauty; this makes it an appealing place for visitors of all types. You could spend your time in the only city in the UK designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site visiting the Roman baths, soaking up culture and history in the many museums, shopping in the cool independent shops or indulging in the fine food and drink scene here.

These are four of the most romantic destinations in the UK that would be perfect for a trip with that special someone or a destination for a holiday home. The UK has many charming and romantic towns, cities and villages along with outstanding natural beauty to enjoy. When you can share this with that special someone, then it is sure to strengthen your connection and create many happy memories for you to look back on over the years!

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