5 July, 2019 4:02 pm Published by Gabriela Kurtz

New Zealand is one of the most exciting tourist spots in the entire world. It’s made up of two islands that beautifully carves its boundaries. It’s one of the best destinations for nature lovers and adventure seekers, and has many national parks and scenic spots that will mesmerize you. And best of all, these spots are all very children-friendly. So if you’re planning your next vacation, check out family holiday packages for New Zealand and make it an affordable and memorable trip. Here are some of the most famous tourist spots that you must visit when you’re in New Zealand.


Number 1: Queenstown

Queenstown is located on the South Island of New Zealand. It has many outdoor activities and eye-capturing natural beauty like canyons and mountains. Visitors can have the pleasure of skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting on the Shotover River, and taking in the amazing view of pristine lakes. You can hire a guide to help you see the prominent and famous buildings from the Lord of the Rings film franchise. So why wait? Go and get the lifetime experience.

photo credit: pixabay

Number 2: Aoraki Mount Cook

The village of Mount Cook is located under a massive mountain that stands at a depth of 12,218 feet and lies beautifully between the boundaries of Mount Cook. It’s more of a beautiful rocky snow-capped mountain with magnificent peaks, crystal clear glaciers, and lakes. Visitors love it because they can relax and find peace there. If you want to trek up the mountain, it will take you approximately three hours to have a complete view of the mountain. New Zealand has its beauty saved in Aoraki.

photo credit: pixabay

Number 3: Auckland

Auckland is one of the biggest and most famous cities in New Zealand. Known as the heart of New Zealand, it’s a city with many remarkable natural views at its doorstep and is a home base for many residents there. You can have some great experiences ranging from kayaking to a volcano and having fun at sand beaches, and the best part is you can have all this and still return to enjoy the famous nightlife, restaurants with good food, shops, and luxurious accommodations once you’re done.

photo credit: pixabay

Number 4: Central Otago

Central Otago is located in the central region of the South Island in the Otago region. It’s known for its dry hills, landscapes, and heritage towns. History says Otago was the center of the gold rush in New Zealand along with the smaller cities of Bannockburn, Naseby, and Ophir. It’s also famous for wine growing and has several vineyards.

photo credit: pixabay

Number 5: Christchurch

This is a city on the east coast of the South Island in the region of Canterbury. It’s the second largest city in the region and is famous for its gardens and national parks. It’s an area renowned for snow-capped mountains, landscapes, and natural beauty. You will be awestruck with the beauty around if you pay a visit. 

photo credit: pixabay

Number 6: Dunedin

This is a beautiful city on the South Island founded by Scottish immigrants. If you’re a tourist with love for architecture, then this is your spot! The town has a calm life with good food options and a great place for shopping. It even has access to Otago peninsula where you may spot some albatross or yellow-eyed penguin.

photo credit: pixabay

So get ready for all the amazing experiences in this beautiful country and make your family holiday memorable!

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