10 August, 2019 3:38 pm Published by Christos Kostouros

A major concern for most vacationers is to find a place to spend the night while on holiday. Some of them know the ropes for places nearby as well as some friends are more than willing to host you for a few days or more. But what happens when it comes to visiting a place abroad, for example a Greek island? Besides, long past the days that we care about our accommodation after arriving in our destination. Hence, should you start getting panicked? No, you shouldn’t. Here is a brief guide of where to stay in four large and celebrated Greek isles. We have selected only one housing type for every island, the most popular one.


photo credit: pixabay

Starting off with the biggest Greek island, as you can easily imagine there is a rather wide range of options concerning housing to rent. There are some organized camping sites that can cover all your basic needs like sleep, bathroom, electricity and definitely awesome beaches just around the corner. Most of them are located on the north of this amazing place and the prices start from about 10 a person/night. They’re obviously budget choices but in the case of Crete that’s most likely what you should be looking for. Why? Because you will for sure need at least a week to explore the whole island and you’ll be spending a lot of money on food, car rentals, boat trips, archaeological sites etc. So, be wise and avoid luxuries under such circumstances.


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That is the second largest island in Greece and you will have the ability to choose among dozens of choices no matter which specific part of it you opt for. The most appealing choice in general here is budget hotels. We are talking about two or three-star hotels that offer a decent breakfast as well. Don’t expect anything special as the whole place does not target high-society clients and locals lead a rather low-profile and humble lifestyle. Most of the rooms to rent offer a twin or double bedroom, a basic bathroom and maybe a balcony with a sea or mountain view. However, have no worries or second thoughts. Evia as a whole is a traveler’s paradise as it’s well-known for the beauty of the nature and the variety of scenery. Rest assured that you will have the time of your life!


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Lesvos, the third island in terms of size, is also a great place to be during the whole year let alone in the summer. It takes about two hours and a half to drive from east to west and roughly one hour and a half from north to south. Consequently, renting a car would be a great idea. In terms of accommodation I would suggest booking a house or flat via an online platform as they are scattered all over the island. The coziest locations though are near the city of Mytilini or in the quaint village of Molyvos. You’ve got plenty to see and do in this island of millions of olive trees (about eleven million) and countless beaches and “faces”.


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Last but not least, the illustrious island of winds and pelicans. Its fame has spread far beyond Greek borders and superstars worldwide spend at least a week or something there. If you are after picturesque alleys, traditional windmills, cozy sunbeds or dancing at beach concerts, this place is ideal for you. Villas are the most obvious choice of lodging and more specifically Clubzak Mykonos villas. There, all your wishes come true and most importantly, in no time! Most of them are located in the south (near Elia, Platys Gialos and Psarou beaches), but there are some in the west and the north of this earthly paradise. Mykonos villas by Clubzak can provide you with anything you could imagine and even more. Your stay will be an experience to narrate for years..!


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