28 July, 2018 4:24 pm Published by Gabriel Tedde

A holiday is usually seen as a departure from the routine of daily life; relaxing, lounging in the sun and eating. Lots of eating. We may want to continue to be healthy while we’re away, but with so many tempting treats on offer it can be a struggle. You might not have access to a gym, or be able to prepare your own meals. So how is it done?

In this article, travel website Best at Travel asked journalist and health & fitness blogger Sabi Phagura from Fit Lass all about how she stays fit whilst travelling.

Do you have to be a fitness fanatic in order to enjoy fitness on holiday?

No, you really don’t have to be a fitness fanatic at all to enjoy fitness whether you’re abroad or at home. The best thing about taking part in fitness when you’re abroad is that you have 24 hours a day to yourself. No work commitments and no daily chores to get side tracked by. Most places have gyms that offer classes or activities you can get involved in. Use that time to find something you have always wanted to do or a new activity that you have always wanted to take part in but never found the time. People complain that they don’t enjoy sports or the gym but there are so many ways of enjoying keeping fit without stepping foot into the gym. A holiday is the perfect time to discover a new fitness class or activity that will be suitable to your lifestyle.

What are your top tips for staying healthy while you’re away?

Believe it or not going on holiday is an easy way of keeping fit. You’re more active through walking around sightseeing as opposed to sitting down by a desk. Even walking on the sand can provide a good workout as it’s harder to walk on such terrain. Then there is the abundance of fresh food in restaurants from fresh meat and fish dishes to salads, fruit and vegetables. No one is saying you can’t have the odd glass of wine or indeed a pudding but keep it in check. Share a dessert, keep an eye on portions and if you do enjoy a drink go for spirits with mixers or a white wine spritzer.

Do you have to go to a wellness/fitness retreat to stay fit and healthy whilst on holiday?

You most certainly don’t have to go to a wellness/fitness retreat to stay fit and healthy. Holiday destinations offer a lot of activities for you to take part. You can also use your time wisely by walking around discovering new places in the resort or area you are holidaying in, Use the mornings to do a spot of stretching on the beach if you are on a beachy holiday. Take stairs when you can especially if your hotel room is on a higher level. Kayaking, cycling, hiking, snorkelling, swimming, horse riding are all fun and you will be exercising without feeling like it’s a workout. Whatever you do, just move around more.

What are your top locations/destinations for wellness and health?

I tend to find most places offer good opportunities to keep fit because holidays are designed to experience and explore the area. However, having said that ski resorts and city breaks are great places to clock up some steps. Most ski resorts offer a wide range of activities out of season so there is something active to do all year round.

What 3 things do you always pack to keep you fit and healthy whilst travelling?

I always pack a good pair of trainers/hiking boots, a gym kit consisting of layers for when it’s too cold or hot and a skipping rope! yes it may seem bizarre but a skipping rope is a great way of keeping fit when there is no gym you can go to or aren’t keen on running. It provides a cardiovascular workout to get the blood pumping and it also brings out the inner child in you.

What is the most memorable place you’ve walked, ran or cycled?

I absolutely loved hiking in Aspen Colorado in the summer two years ago. Aspen is known more for its skiing reputation but when you go in the summer, it’s a different world. There are hiking and cycling trails everywhere and the scenery is out of this world. People in Colorado are really into their fitness but it’s all based outdoors. Everyone can walk anywhere and residents here like to stick to nature when it comes to keeping fit. It’s no wonder the state has the lowest obesity rates compared to the whole of America.

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