30 April, 2019 3:03 pm Published by Dakota Murphey

Wouldn’t it be nice not having to worry about which drawer you’ve left your passport in this time? Or not having to fork out excessive amounts of money for car hire and travel insurance? Well, here’s some good news – now you can!

Forget about the airport hassle and choose to stay at home for your holiday this year. Here’s why we think you’d love it:


No passport, no worries!


Whether it be finding last year’s leftover sunscreen, those elusive sunglasses you swore were in the drawer, or that old bag you ‘safely’ left your passport in, the process of going on holiday can be a pretty stressful time. Choosing a staycation means leaving all of that stress at home, removing any chance of ending up at the airport passport-less and panicking. It’s guaranteed not to happen.


Jet lag? What jet lag?


Travelling within the UK means that you can use your own transport, which is especially great as it avoids the hefty car rental or transport fees you’d have to pay abroad. It also dodges airport luggage allowance limits, meaning you can bring as many bags, clothes or bottles of wine as you’d like.

There’s no crossing over of time zones, no planes to board, no waiting for baggage carousels – nothing to worry about. You’re on your home turf – everything is easy peasy.


Pet pals


Having your own transport means you can bring more than just luggage along with you. You can bring your pet pals with you as well, which avoids the potential high costs and stress of having them looked after while you’re away.

Just how great would it be to have your pooch by your side while having a BBQ on the beach? You’d definitely have a willing helper if there were any leftover sausages.


Brilliant beaches


While Britain doesn’t get the best rep weather-wise (more on that later), we are home to some truly stunning beaches. Fancy a surf? Get on down to Fistral Beach in Newquay. How about a good coastal walk? Try Rhossili Bay in Wales. Whether it be a shoreline stroll you’re after, or more of a water sports adventure, the UK has a range of beautiful beaches to visit. Make sure to check out Camber Sands if you’re holidaying in Spring – it’s a real delight.


Appreciating home beauty


Talking of delights, it’s easy to take for granted just how beautiful the UK actually is. Home to the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Dartmoor, Edinburgh, Bath, Hadrian’s Wall, the list goes on and on. Even Stonehenge – one of the best known ancient wonders of the world – is based here, so why not stop and take some time to appreciate some of the wonderful places on your doorstep?


No hablo ingles?


While embracing the culture and language of a different country can be a truly great thing, it’s sometimes nice being able to speak in your native tongue while you’re off relaxing. It’s also much easier being able to use your own currency to pay for things, avoiding having to fiddle about with a currency converter app to work out prices, or using unnecessarily large banknotes to buy souvenirs.


Tasty travelling


Countries are often well-known for their speciality cuisines. Italy? Pizza. France? Mussels. America? Pretty much anything with sugar. The UK is no different. Pies, cream teas, Yorkshire puddings, fish and chips – we are home to some fantastic foods. We also have some of the best pubs the world has to offer so dive right in, enjoy our gastronomy greatness.


Sun, sun, sun


The UK may get its fair share of grey skies and rain, but it can hit high temperatures too. Just last year, much of the UK got the chance to bask in 30oC heat. It even surpassed that legendary year in 1976 when some people decided to use the heat to their advantage, frying eggs on the pavement en masse.

While we don’t get the sun all year round, where does? It’s not like we’re sun-immune – the sun does still shine here fairly often during the Summer months, so don’t worry too much about our rainy reputation.

Although, I guess it might still be worth bringing a coat. You know, just in case.

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