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How To Find Cheap Holiday Deals Online

There’s nothing better than a cheap holiday deal to kick-start your next exciting adventure. With so many options available, you’re certainly spoilt for choice. The only problem is, how do you find the best one for you, without spending valuable time searching hundreds of sites?

At Simply Holiday Deals, a team of travel experts researches holiday deals from excellent providers, in order to deliver the best ones straight to your inbox. Whether you want a last minute break, an all-inclusive overseas package or a sundrenched honeymoon, we know where to find them at fantastic prices.

To help you make the right decision when choosing holiday deals online, here are some top tips from our globetrotters.

Refine Your Search

Before you start looking at cheap holiday deals, narrow down your criteria to make it easier to book bargain deals when they come up. Do you want to spend most of your time at the beach? Lazing by a resort pool? Hiking in the forest? Sampling the restaurants and nightlife of the city? By having a basic idea of your holiday preferences, you’ll be ready to snap up the right deals when you see them.

Then, consider what type of holiday package might be cost-effective for you. For example, if you’re travelling with children, all-inclusive packages with food and activities offer ease of travel and good value. If you’re a couple and love dining out, a flight and hotel package can save you money, while offering flexibility. Solo travellers might love a fun cruise deal, with flights included.

Set Your Budget

One of the hardest things about searching for holidays online, is wondering if a better deal will come along after you’ve already booked. The risk is always there, however, it’s an even bigger risk to miss out on a fantastic deal in the hope of something even better.

Set your budget so you’re certain on the highest price you’re willing to pay for your holiday. When you see a deal that fits all your preferences and comes under budget, it’s usually always better to book it, rather than miss out altogether.

Take Holidays in the Shoulder Season

Shoulder seasons are widely considered the best times to travel. While not as cheap as off-peak, you still tend to benefit from great weather and attractions, without peak season prices. To determine when the shoulder season is in your chosen destination, look at just before or after school holidays, right at the start or end of summer or the beginning of a resort’s ski season.

At these times, hotels and flights regularly offer discounts and package deals representing great value for money. Tours, restaurants and attractions often lower their prices. Best of all, you’ll generally beat the crowds, yet still get to enjoy the highlights of some of the most popular holiday spots.

Book in Advance for Peak Season Travel

If your only option to get away is during the school break or another high holiday season, it’s generally best to find and book cheap holiday deals well in advance. This is especially important if you want to visit a top tourist destination. While it’s hard to beat peak season prices, it’s very possible to find cheap holiday deals a few months or more in advance, as hotels and airlines aim to entice visitors.

Unfortunately, leaving peak season travel to the last minute often means you’ll miss out on the great hotels, direct flights and added extras included in deals. For example, if your holidays fall around Christmas, keep your eyes open for deals from about July onwards and you’re likely to find one that’s more budget-friendly.

Keep Your Dates Open

On the flip side, if you’re lucky enough to have some flexibility in your schedule, you’ll most certainly find luck with cheap holiday deals. Travelling at the last minute means you can snap up heavily discounted holiday packages. Or, if you know you’ll be able to jet off or board a cruise 12 months from now, early-bird discounts are yours for the taking.

Certain days of the week also make a difference, in terms of discounts. Deals across weekends, including Friday nights, are often pricier than rates from Monday to Thursday. Therefore, if you can keep your dates open, you have the advantage of booking the cheapest deals available.

Try Something New

If you’re always looking for cheap holiday deals to the same destinations and struggling to find them within your budget, simply set your sights on somewhere new and a whole world of cheap holiday deals opens to you.

For example, let’s say you want the beaches, exotic cuisine and cultural highlights of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. You might very well find deals, however they can be more expensive at this destination. You could consider looking at deals for Majorca, the Algarve or the Canary Islands as alternatives.

When you’re firm on what you want out of a holiday, yet flexible in terms of location, you’ll find an abundance of choices. This kind of spontaneity also leads to exciting times, when you see a fantastic deal pop up for a place you’ve never really considered, but ticks all your boxes at an incredible price.

At Simply Holiday Deals, we’re passionate about delivering these type of exciting deals straight to you. That way, all you need to do is check your inbox and take your pick of cheap holiday deals, as soon as they’re available on the market. Simply book and get ready to pack your bags for the holiday of your dreams, without the stress of searching for it.