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How To Find Cheap Hotel Deals Online

In a world where you can book a hotel in less than a minute on your device, you’d think it would be easy. However, with so many options it’s often a frustrating experience, especially when you’re looking for the cheapest price.

The good news is, there are a few tricks of the trade to help you find exactly what you’re after. At Simply Holiday Deals, travel industry experts wade through the pile, to deliver the best straight to you. Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for finding cheap hotels online.

Travel in the Shoulder Season

In travel terms, the shoulder season falls in between peak and off peak times. So, it might be right at the end of summer, at the very beginning of a resort’s snow season, or just as everyone’s returning from school holidays.

Obviously, when you travel off peak you’re likely to get the cheapest prices, as hotels lower rates to attract tourists. However, this also often means bad weather, attraction closures and empty towns lacking that all-important holiday vibe. Shoulder season offers the best of all worlds, with hotel and flight discounts, the weather you’re looking for and other savvy travellers still making the most of popular destinations.

Some top spots for shoulder season travel include the Mediterranean in April, Australia in May, European cities in September, Bali in October and European ski resorts in early December.

Keep Your Dates Flexible

Having flexible travel dates gives you the freedom of being able to book hotels on the cheapest days. As a general rule, Friday night is best avoided, as everyone rushes to make the most of the weekend no matter where they are and hotels increase rates accordingly. However, if you’re staying in the business district of a big city, Friday to Sunday tends to be cheaper, without the business travellers flying in.

Beach resorts, country escapes and holiday meccas, especially in shoulder season, offer the cheapest rates from Monday through to Thursday. As an added bonus, you’ll skip the crowds of weekend visitors, so fighting for a lounge by the pool won’t be an issue.

Try Your Luck Last Minute

Hotels often promote heavily discounted rooms, at the last minute. As long as you’re not going to Paris for Valentine’s Day or America on the fourth of July, you stand a fairly good chance of securing last minute deals at any time of year across the globe – outside of Easter and Christmas holidays.

A good way to take advantage of this, is to book your hotel for the first couple of nights, so you can take a look around when you get there. Hop online for last minute deals in the area and book your next hotel, at great rates, while you’re there. This way, you’ll avoid having to rely on reviews and photos online and know exactly what you’re getting for the price.

Book Well in Advance

On the flip side, if you love to have your travel plans in place well advance, you’re likely to find cheaper hotel prices. Because they like to know they’re going to be fully booked, hotels will sometimes offer discounts for peak season travel, if you get in early enough. And, if you decide to travel off peak, you’ll certainly grab a bargain.

Always research whether or not there’s an affordable, refundable option when you book in advance, just in case of unforeseen circumstances, or ensure your travel insurance covers cancellations.

Check Out New Places

Reviews are often the best way of judging whether or not a hotel is going to be up to standard, or worth the price. Most travellers look for 5-star reviews and a majority of positive comments before making their selection, regardless of the hotel price range they’re researching.

If you see a new hotel that looks fantastic and the price is right, don’t be scared to try it out, even if they don’t have many reviews yet. You stand to benefit from great opening discounts and be among the first guests to rate it. When you’re unsure, just book it for one or two nights, so you’re not locked in. With fierce competition across the globe, it’s more than likely you’ll have a fantastic experience, as new hotels aim to attract their share of the tourist market.

Settle in at One Hotel

When you find a great hotel in a central location, at the right price, it pays to settle in. Many hotels offer discounts for long stays, generally over seven nights or more, however it’s possible to get cheaper rates for as little as three. Some establishments will even give you free nights, when you choose to book an extended stay in advance.

Things to consider when booking a long stay are the hotel’s facilities, including room space and amenities you may need, like child-friendly venues or business centres. Location, however, is the most important consideration. If your hotel is quite a distance from the beach, attractions or the city, you could end up spending more money on transport, than the discount is worth.

Create Your Own Filters

Last, but certainly not least, is to create your own filters and stick to the them. First up, set your nightly budget and only look at hotels that match it – or have an even better deal. Next, decide what type of facilities you need your hotel to have. For example, if you’re across the road from the beach, there might not be any point in paying for a hotel with a pool. Narrow down your search in terms of price, location and the facilities most important to you, to make it easier.

Or, to take all the stress away, just join us at Simply Holiday Deals and keep an eye out for special offers that suit your travel desires. We’re always doing the hard work for you and it’s our passion to find the best, and cheapest, hotel deals available.