1 May, 2018 12:07 pm Published by Brian Jones

Your luggage is unpacked. The passport you once clutched is returned safely, tucked away in its home with your important papers. Your souvenirs are already distributed to co-workers and friends. No more excuses. It’s time to tackle that disorganized jumble of photos, videos, and mementos but getting started can be a daunting task. Here’s your plan for preserving the experiences of your trip.

Let’s Get Organized!

The first most important task is to get everything safely in one place. The pictures you’ve taken with your cell phone are likely already backed up in Apple iCloud or Google Drive photo storage. Make sure the same is true for the media in your camera or video recorder. For convenience, I suggest the same place your cell phone pictures go or Google Photos. Not only does cloud storage keep your cherished memories safe from drive failure and memory card loss, but there are other advantages. Google Assistant will even do some of the work for you, organizing things by date, recognizing faces and identifying locations. Physical mementos like tickets or brochures can be scanned them discarded or put away in a shoebox.

Put It All Together to Tell a Story

Once all the media is backed up to cloud storage, it’s easy to sort and tell the story of your trip. Making something with all the images you’ve captured is like experiencing your adventure all over again. Having no video editing experience is no excuse. No software? Try an easy-to-use online video creator to mix up your media into a movie. For those who prefer a more physical hands-on approach, making an oldfashioned scrapbook or memory box is a great way to incorporate those maps or train passes into your craft. Order your photos chronologically and send off your pictures off to a printer at the very least. Homo faber! You control the story of your life.

Show off and Share the Good Times

Whether you are reliving your journey with your travel companion or showing off the cool things you did to your friends, there are better ways to share. Uploading your highlights reel to social media is the obvious choice. People can pick and choose how long to engage with your story. No more worries about being a bore. Admittedly, sharing in person is often the most satisfying way to recall your vacation. However, cornering a co-worker to show photos can cause unwanted envy or irritation. It’s best to also share some tokens from your trip, candy or snacks being popular, while you regale them with your travel trivia. Then, like a sommelier lovingly describing the sun-soaked slopes of the vineyard your wine came from, your audience will have a context for the faraway treat you gave them to enjoy. It’s the difference between bragging and spreading the love.

Focusing on experiences is shown to make longer lasting happiness than holding onto material things. So please, take more time off to travel and see new things. Do you really need more memories of your office desk or living room couch?

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