24 September, 2017 8:35 pm Published by Jenna Thorne

Travelling as a family is definitely a different thing than travelling as a couple. As a couple you have no restrictions and with a few clothes and a suitcase you are all set for the journey. But when you are travelling with kids, as a family, things are different, let me tell you they are very different! You cannot go on sightseeing the whole day or keep walking through the streets shopping!

If you want to make your trip an awesome one, you need to take care of certain things right from the packing to unpacking. You need to have a set of smart travel hacks in place! So if you too are a kind of such a family planning to make a trip, this post is just for you.

  1. Pack the essentials

You need to keep a number of things in mind when packing for the trip. Usually it would be better to start packing the items as well as make a list of the essentials at least two weeks in advance. If you have to buy a few or the items will only find a place in the suitcase the last moment, adding them to the list will save you from the Oh Gosh!! moment later.

  1. Buy quality items

If you have small kids then buying a stroller or a crib can be an essential. Make sure you invest in quality one rather than going for cheaper option. Seriously no one wants to end up with a broken stroller in the middle of the trip. Some of the cribs are costly but, they easily get fit in the big suitcase. So it would be better you know where you are investing.

  1. Ask for a baby bed

Many of the international flights come with a baby bassinet, which you can use for the infants. You don’t have to pay for them but, you need to make a request in advance to book it. This can save you from travelling with one.

  1. Plan in-flight entertainment

Travelling with kids means you need to keep them occupied on the flight. So make sure you have some toys or puzzles in your luggage. Keeping kids occupied will help you and your partner to rest for some time.

  1. Find a kid-friendly place to stay

Booking an apartment is rather better than booking a hotel room. It will give enough space for the kids to play around. The best thing is that you can cook and simply live just as you will be doing at your place. I always look for apartment with hotel style faux leather beds as they are comfortable especially when you want to rest at night after spending whole day out. Moreover, a kid-friendly room with some basic amenities is definitely a win-win situation for you.

  1. If hotel, book suite

There comes situation when rental apartments are either not available or not right for the wallet. So it would be better to go for a suite. When booking a hotel suite you need to be just sure that it actually has more than a room. This will give enough space for you both as well as for kids.

  1. Carry plastic bags

Yes, this is a must when you are travelling as a family. You need them to carry some snack trash, soiled clothes, used diapers and much more. This will keep everything organized and in place. So that when you are back home unpacking the luggage, you will know what goes where.

So next time when you plan a family trip just keep these travel hacks in mind and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

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