24 November, 2017 5:20 pm Published by Aadelmar

What better way to capture special moments from your holiday than by recording them on video? Unfortunately as much as that might sound perfect in theory, in practice it is really a lot easier said than done.


In most cases you’re likely to find that recording videos while on holiday can be challenging, and many of your videos may suffer in terms of quality. That is why it helps to know what you can do to help perfectly capture the moment on video while on holiday – and you should start with the following:

Keep your camera out and shoot as much video as you can

If you’re going to be scrambling for your camera every time there’s something you want to record, odds are by the time you get it out and are ready to shoot – the moment will have passed. That is why if you really want to get down as many perfect moments as you can on video, you should keep your camera out and constantly be shooting footage.


At the very least you should make sure that if and when you want to start recording, your camera is already in your hand or near enough that you can immediately get a hold of it and record in just a single click. Keep in mind it is always better to have more footage than less, and you can edit it all later anyway.

Find ways to steady the camera

One of the hardest things about recording videos while on holiday is keeping the camera steady. A lot of holiday videos tend to look shaky or blurry because of this problem, which is why you should find ways to steady the camera.


While you can start by gripping your camera properly with both hands and your arms locked at your side – in many cases that may not be enough. Instead, you should look into other alternatives, such as strap-on camera holders that will provide you with a convenient and travel-friendly way to keep your camera steady.

Move the camera slowly and avoid sudden jerks

The simple fact of the matter is that many of the videos you shoot while on holiday will require that you move the camera around to track a specific subject, pan it across a landscape, or so on. It is important to move your camera slowly and avoid any sudden jerks so that the video remains in focus.

Set your camera to record at a high frame rate

To better cope with movement both of the camera itself as well as subjects and other elements in the frame – you should set it to record at a high frame rate. While this will mean that the videos will take up more space, it will also ensure that they look much sharper and smoother.


Ideally you should try to record at 60 frames per second, though if you can’t then 45 or at very least 30 may be good enough. If your camera requires you to ‘drop’ in resolution to record at higher frame rates then that may be preferable – as recording in 720p at 60 fps will likely produce better holiday videos than 1080p at 30 fps.

By following the methods listed above, you should be able to capture moments on video perfectly while you’re on holiday. Later on you can always edit the footage that you’ve recorded to remove any unwanted parts, slow down video footage, or compile a travel video. Because you’ll have a lot of high quality video footage to work with, it should be a lot easier for you to come up with a great travel video that has the best moments from your entire holiday.

photo provided by movavi.com

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