14 April, 2019 10:20 pm Published by Richard Jackson

Stuck playing house in a hotel room while waiting for the weather to clear up?

Make the most of your holiday with these 10 fun and exciting activities you, your kids and your loved ones will surely remember.

Take the Picnic Indoors

There’s no reason to cancel a much-awaited picnic under the skies if they’re grey and gloomy. For starters, why not bring it indoors?

Raid the local supermarket for food and drinks, create a makeshift picnic blanket and voila! Instant fun for the whole family or your significant other. Brighten the lights, put on some music and enjoy the food.

Explore The City

Bad weather doesn’t always mean staying inside and being bored to death as you waste precious holiday hours.

Take a tour to the nearest hot spot or city attraction and find a gallery, a museum or other place where you can seek shelter and enjoy local culture at the same time. Shop for clothes, souvenirs or sample delicacies, a glass of wine or dessert in a cafe, restaurant or bistro.

Play Competitive Games

Board or card games are best when there’s nothing else to do. Why go vanilla when you can up the ante and make things more interesting?

For instance, introduce rules that spice things up a bit, or have a consequence set up for the loser of the round. Put a new spin on old games or come up new ones and make it up as you go along. There’s no limit to what you can play as long as you’re having fun!

Check Out The Kid’s Club

Chances are, if you’re holidaying in a major city or resort area there’s a kid’s club in there somewhere. Look it up on your smartphone, take note of the address or enter the destination on your GPS app and you’ll be good to go.

Family campsites can be a welcome diversion if unexpected rain suddenly comes down. Who knows? You and the kids may even enjoy it so much that you’ll be raring to go back next summer.

Head To The Beach

Beaches are great when the skies are blue and the sun is shining, but they can also work when the weather report says occasional showers and rainfall.

Grab an umbrella, some wellies and a bucket or two and go explore some rock pools along the coastline. You can find a small bit of treasure and get fascinated by sea life.

Drive Around

Rain can be a blessing in disguise during holidays and vacation time. For instance, why not take the car and have a go at exploring the roads less traveled?

Explore the boundaries and see the little-known destinations using a guide. You may stumble upon a quaint village or a gem of a shop no one knows about. What’s more, you could have a unique experience that can be a story to tell your family and friends.

Get A Spa Treatment

Ladies, a downpour is a sign that it’s time to pamper yourself. Head on over to the nearest spa and indulge in a well-deserved treatment. Melt the stresses away with an indulgent “me time”, or have a couple’s massage to unwind and relax.

Go For A Bar Tour

Adults will certainly appreciate knocking back some local brew or a glass of wine at the local watering hole without any deadline or work to think about. You can even make a few friends along the way and get to know the population better.

Maximize Hotel Facilities

As long as you’re cooped in with nowhere else to go, why not use the hotel facilities?

A good hotel should have some entertainment facilities and luxury amenities for its visitors, including a private cinema, a bowling alley, play areas or an indoor swimming pool. Check with the reception desk or give them a call and ask what’s available and on what floor they could be located. Then, gather up the troops or bring your significant other along for a pleasant hotel experience.

Let The Children Play

Sometimes letting your kids immerse themselves in their favourite video game, app or streaming website is for the best, especially if you’ve done everything to keep them occupied but the weather still won’t let up.

Get the iPad or laptop and play movies, or hook up their devices on WiFi so they could chat or interact with their peers. Adults can take this time to visit the hotel’s bar or catch up on some reading material or Netflix shows.

The holiday fun doesn’t have to stop when the clouds darken and the weather forecast predicts a day or two of thunderstorms. You’ll just have to be creative, explore all the options and think of the best ways on how to entertain the young ones. Sometimes the downtime is a gentle reminder for people to slow down, appreciate each other and live in the moment.

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