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World Nomads Global Travel Insurance: Simple & Flexible

Simply Holiday Deals has chosen World Nomads as their trusted travel insurance provider. See why below. specialises in global travel insurance and currently serves over 140 countries, making it one of the most trusted names internationally.

When you order traveller’s insurance from you are always in delicate care, and completely protected in every major incident that could occur, from a medical emergency to emergency transportation out of the country and back home.

What could possibly go wrong? Why of course, anything and everything! And everything usually does go barmy when you really don’t have the time or cash to deal with a disaster. That is precisely why World Nomad travel insurance is made available. You can buy World Nomad travel insurance online, and thanks to Internet conveniences, you can do it even after you’ve packed your bags and left your home PC.

The World Nomads available plans complement the lifestyle of the adventurous, as men and women who are going to travel and have fun—to thoroughly enjoy the experience whether by hiking, water sports or travelling through the night hitting all the popular clubs. This means that anything could go wrong at any time, which explains why travellers insurance includes medical coverage, evacuation coverage, baggage loss and further protection in the event of sporting and adventurous activities. This is overseas insurance that guarantees you fair coverage and treatment overseas, not to mention as a visitor to a foreign land with special rights provided by the homeland.

Now you can extend your travel insurance, buy additional insurance or file a claim via Smartphone, tablet or laptop as well!

When you are a world traveller or “world nomad” then your insurance provider owes you special concern and consideration. World Nomads stands by these 7 points.

7 Advantages to Ordering Travel Insurance from

1 A trusted employs a number of talented underwriters who work hard to ensure that you are always covered with 24-hour emergency service. Claims management and all levels of customer support are provided at all times, whether you’re cruising around at night or are up at the crack of dawn.

2 The best value for your investment provides cover for the items that travellers most care about, as listed by travellers from over 150 countries who have encountered the most unique of situations. Your contract will focus on the cover you need, while leaving out costly “protections” that are useless and unlikely to ever be an issue. World Nomad prices are among the most competitive worldwide because they know exactly what world travellers have encountered before and what they want most.

3 Flexible and easy to change Why bother paying for travellers insurance if the company isn’t going to honour any of your changes or work with you to keep things updated? If you ever need to change cover, or completely change your policy, you can do that in with the simple click of a button. You can extend or redefine your claim online at anytime. Why, you can even buy a new policy while boarding a plane and travelling!

4 Cover for adventurous activities Let’s face it—there’s a world of difference between being a world traveller and merely being a tourist too frightened to venture anywhere outside of a well guarded museum. World travellers engage in sport, such as skiing, snowboarding, white water rafting and others. These vacation activities pose unique risks that not every policy out there covers. guarantees that you will be covered for any medical emergencies that could occur during adventure activities, giving you complete peace of mind. Now you can actually have fun on vacation rather than worrying about hurting yourself and having to argue with a hospital staff!

5 World Nomads can help you stay safe World Nomads take safety seriously. While you are covered for any situation that might arise, you certainly do not want to take any chances or injure yourself during this joyful vacation. Therefore, provides travel safety alerts for all 140 of its covered countries, always updated and fresh. There are also some timeless safety tips that every traveller ought to know available at the World Nomads Travel Safety Hub.

6 More value beyond cover members are given special privileges in addition to their policy benefits. They can also take advantage of iPod & iPhone Language Guides, which help explain to world travellers how to learn the local lingo of the city, and special vocabulary that will quickly communicate thoughts to merchants, government officials and passersby. You can stay in touch with your family and friends using an online travel journal, letting them know “live” just how much fun you’re having—with plenty pictures!

7 The BEST customer service is all about customer service. They went straight to the source to discover what traveller’s want when designing their policies. World Nomad customers want flexibility and honesty. More importantly, they want a company that understands the delicate situation that they are put into when travelling overseas. Their conscientious customer service will ensure that you get the most from your policy. World Nomads is here to please you and are always accessible, at any time and from any location.

Don’t take our word for it—learn for yourself why travel insurance is important during your world travelling adventure and what could go wrong. You are free to email World Nomads or call with any questions about your travel insurance policy or about travel safety questions in general. Contact now and to discuss your itinerary!