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World’s Best Places to Watch the Sunset

Posted by Lissa Coffey on 23/07/2016
The Worlds Best Places to Watch the Sunset

When I was a kid, I used to cherish the site when the sun drifts down and always dreamt of exploring the place where I can witness this natural wonder taking place. I never thought I get to fulfill my wish everyday as I am a call centre executive and I get to see the breathtaking view of sunset from my windowpane , this also helped me to capture picture perfect moments with my camera.

When the sun is in its full glory, the world seems to glow, but seeing the sun setting down is one of the finest lifetime experiences that anybody can have. I am discussing some of the world’s best places where you can watch the sunset, I am sure after going through all these places, you won’t be able to resist yourself from visiting these places -

Ipanema Beach—Brazil – Let me start my list with this mesmerizing beach in Brazil. The beach is quite famous amongst the regular beach goers and it has been mentioned in the songs from the 60s.

Ipanema Beach Sunset
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It is also one of the most romantic sites in Brazil to witness the sun setting down. The beach is also frequently visited by the surfers and offers a picturesque view. Explore the beach surrounding areas with a bike or you can also choose a cable car to do the same.

Key West—Florida – If you ever have the opportunity of visiting Key West, make sure that you have attended the nightly festival that celebrates the sunset here. Every evening both the locals and the tourists from different parts of the world gather at Mallory Square two hours before the sunset to witness this breathtaking view.

Key West Sunset
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The whole experience is doubled with the local musicians playing spellbinding music, scrumptious food, and street performers. When the time arrives, the sun goes down into the Gulf of Mexico in a gorgeous display of orange and pink, while the onlookers appreciate it.

Queensland—Australia – Every year, Queensland attracts millions of visitors to its gorgeous beaches with a promise of some breathtaking views.

Queensland Sunset
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Spend some taking in the beautiful sights of Great Barrier Reef then return back to the shore to witness the sun going down. It is advisable to view this picture perfect view from the top of Mount Tamborine.    

El Porto—California – Travel towards the north of Manhattan Beach Pier to reach El Porto. It is a great site to witness perfect waves and it is open to the public.

El Porto Sunset
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It is also one of the famous surfing spots and a favorite destination to catch the sun going down. 

Santorini—Greece – Known, across the globe, for its distinct architecture, Santorini is a great place to visit. It is a volcanic island that is situated between Aegean Sea. Besides architecture, the place is also considered an apt place to witness the sunset.

Santorini Sunset
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If you want to make the most of your visit, make sure you reach the town of Oia as it offers the best view. You can also choose to climb the cliffs or sail out in the sea on a boat to click some great photographs. You can see a huge number of crowd that has gathered there to see the sunset.

The Maldives – Being a tropical paradise, you get to explore over 1,000 islands out of which around 200 are inhabited and 104 are resort islands. Set between the coral reefs, it is a perfect destination to unwind from the hustle bustle of daily life.

The Maldives Sunset
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Spend some quality time at the beautiful white sand beaches and not to mention the sunset. Offering something to every tourist, you can enjoy diving in the clear waters at Maldives. You can opt to take a seaplane to have an aerial view of the islands and the sunset. 

The Grand Canyon—Arizona – It is one of the natural wonders of the world and it draws around 6 million tourists each year. People coming here have mixed reasons, some visit to enjoy mule ride or hiking and some visit to explore the sight.

The Grand Canyon Sunset
photo credit: flickr via leigh langman

But, the number of visitors, coming to view the sunset, surpass all the numbers. There are so many places where you can take in the sunrise, but if it is the sunset that you want to witness, then you can visit Pipe Creek Vista. 

Bora Bora—Tahiti – Bora Bora is a place which is synonym with clear lagoon with beautifully built over-water bungalows. In addition to this, tourists also visit the place to witness the gorgeous sunset.

Bora Bora Sunset
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You can choose to watch it by taking a champagne sunset cruise or you can witness it from the island itself. No matter from where you watch, it surely offers an unforgettable experience.

Angkor Wat—Cambodia – Angkor Wat is home to UNESCO World Heritage Site, Siem Reap. Tourists and devotees come to this place from varied parts of the world.

Angkor Wat Sunset
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In addition to this great structure, tourists also come here to witness the sunset which happens between 5:15 and 6 pm. The number of tourists tends to increase during the night-time, in order to witness this breathtaking moment of sunset.

In our daily lives, we take the natural wonders for granted and sunset is one of them. We all are too busy or too tired to notice it. The best thing about watching the sunset reminds us that the beauty surrounds us all the time even if we are not paying attention to it.

I did get to fulfill my childhood wish on my visit to The United Kingdom, where I witnessed the sunset at The Blackpool Tower, Blackpool. 

Lissa Coffey is a freelance writer by profession (currently writes for Followthesteps ) with a passion for writing on latest innovations and other interesting ideas. She is an active member and contributor at some of the reputed tech magazines & communities.