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Why Maui is the Next World’s Top Destination

Posted by Odilon Manogura on 11/02/2017
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Everybody loves to travel. And while there are many popular tourist destinations all over the world, it is now time to give the spotlight to the Pacific Islands.Maui has been named the best island in Hawaii multiple times in a row. Aside from its clear sea water, fine white sand beaches and rich culture, there are still a lot of reasons why this Hawaiian island is the next top tourist destination of the world.

According to Conde Naste Magazine, the world’s travel authority in print, Maui has been recognized as the best island in the U.S. for the 23 rdconsecutive year. Through the publication’s annual Reader’s Choice Awards, its audience chose the island as the best among the rest in the whole of the United States.

Why is Maui going to be the next world’s top tourist destination? There is no single reason why. Hence, all these little pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly to form a complete package that everyone would love to see, explore and experience. 

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photo credit: mojo2u via flickr

Maui is the place where watching the sunset is a celebrated evening event, and trade winds rustle the palm tree branches that hang out over the sand. It’s a place where the weather is warm year round and guests are treated with aloha, a reason why all would love to come back. See the top ten reasons to visit Maui on

With its fine shoreline stretching for over 193 meters, Maui has the longest swimmable beach fronts in all of Hawaii. Tourists can literally go to the beach for 3 months and never repeat the same spot. You can enjoy waddling on the shore with white, black or red sand underneath. 

History wise, Maui has gone through a lot to have the colorful history it has today. Despite being a small island in the Pacific, it is believed to be named after the Demigod, Maui, who pulled the Hawaiian Islands up and lassoed the sun to extend daytime. The island of Maui resembles his head and body. Today, hundreds of artifacts are found in the island, retelling the story of how it came to be.

Another enduring reason why Maui is so loved is the Hawaiian culture itself. Many tourists feel its warm sense of aloha through its people commitment in cultivating their language and culture, despite the threats of the growing technology and development.

Many travelers will find their taste buds charmed by this epicenter of the Hawaiian regional cuisine. Their homegrown chefs have been tirelessly giving life to their cultural treats, while incorporating worldwide delicacies and international flavors for tourists and locals alike. 

Tourists also enjoy Maui’s elusive must see, the winter whales. During the months of December to April, the waters between Maui, Molokai, and Lanai are home to the densest population of Humpback whales in the world. These 40-ton gentle giants arrive at these part of the island to mate and give birth, and sometimes leap up to the air and give the spectators a show.

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photo credit: pixabay

Maui is also home for those who think sports. In fact, it is where kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding and surfing are invented and developed. Many adventure junkies who loved testing the waters (literally) make annual pilgrimages in Maui to catch the biggest of waves their eyes have seen. For those who want a ‘safer’ sport, guests also enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing through the calmer waters of the island.

Professional (and amateur) golfers also flock to the island of Maui for its 9 championship golf courses that oftentimes host many PGA tour events and finals, making it among the world’s top tourist destination.

Maui offers a little piece of haven for everyone: for adventure junkies, laid-back vacationers, those who seek for peace and serenity, who have a quest for the most delicious food, those who want to travel back in time and read legends and folklores. Now, it’s time for Maui to have its place in the world’s list of must-see places.

Author Bio

Randy Wolfe is the owner and founder of Upon visiting the island in 1980, he fell in love and found out he is a true Hawaiian at heart. Finding it very hard to go back to Canada, his home country, Randy immediately planned his next trip back on the plane.

Over the years of flying back and forth to Maui, Randy build many friendships and partnerships with the locals. “Being able to help people have the same amazing experience I did on my first trip… to help them create their own memories, and send them somewhere that some people only dream of visiting,” Randy answered when asked what sets MauiMan Rentals apart from other companies in the island.

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