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Where to Find the Perfect Sunrise

Posted by Mathews McGarry on 27/02/2016
where to find the perfect sunrise

What better way to start the day, than gazing into the distance watching a perfect sunrise. Compared to sunsets, they are too few and far between for you to be missing out on spectacular ones when they present themselves.

And we all love sleeping in during our travels, but amazing experiences require sacrifices. So, early to bed, early to wake, and here’s where you can find the perfect sunrise.

1. Haleakala National Park, Hawaii


Haleakala_National_Park_Hawaiiphoto credit: james brennan hawaii via flickr

A place beyond the clouds, Haleakala volcano is where the sunrise of your life awaits. Start your trip when it’s pitch dark, making sure to bring a torch and a GPS to navigate your way up. Once you step onto the summit, it will feel like standing on top of the world. Hovering over the Pacific, the starlit sky will feel so close you won’t shy away from trying to touch it. As soon as the sun hits the edge of the horizon, and you feel the warmth on your face, savor every bit of that moment. Starting just one day on Maui with a magnificent sunrise will add an awesome adventure to your already awesome Hawaiian experience.

2. Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast Australiaphoto credit: sunlandgroup via flickr

If you’re enjoying the clear blue waters of Queensland’s Gold Coast, set the alarm, and try not to hit the snooze. You may feel a bit wobbly, but grab a cup of Joe, and head down to the beach. Apart from the surf-crazed locals, you will be among the few enjoying the morning serenity. Hit the waves, and look towards the distance for Midas’ Touch. For a brief moment, everything from the clear blue water to the pale sandy beach will turn into gold. Even if you’re not a camera pro, the scene is so brilliant you won’t be able to miss creating the perfect sunrise picture.

3. Tres Cruces, Peru

Tres Cruces Peruphoto credit: dgphilli via flickr

A gateway to the gods, Tres Cruces is a grueling four hour drive from Cusco. But it’s worth the wait. When you finally climb up the Andes, you will be surrounded by cloud-covered mountains. Right then, the sun makes a dramatic appearance in the distant horizon. The golden rods start breaking up the fluffy pillows, to create a divine mist. Follow the misty path to reach the ancient city of Machu Picchu. Just make sure to bring a day’s worth of provisions, to bask in this celestial Inca sunrise with comfort.

4. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park Tanzaniaphoto credit: quakeup via flickr 

Venture to the wild Serengeti National Park and witness an African safari sunrise. You may be yawning like a hypo, but it won’t stop you from standing in awe as the sun rises above the savanna. The blazing red dawn will play tricks on you, as the animals start waking up, and you hear the call of the wild. Book a local guide, and drive around the park to check out what the big cats do for their morning routine. To finish your safari sunrise, let the guide take you to a Masai village for a traditional tribal breakfast.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik Icelandphoto credit: skender_ via flickr

When it’s summer in Reykjavik, become a night owl for a brief moment, and experience a spectacular night-time sunrise. As the midnight sun finally sets on the land of ice and snow, the aurora borealis comes out to play. By that time, you will already be bathing in one of Iceland’s famous hot springs. A couple of hours later, you will be dazed as the chilly northern sun mixes with the sizzling textures to create a unique natural spectacle.

These are our amazing suggestions on where to find the ideal setting to wait for the sun to rise. Even if your travels take you somewhere else, you can still appreciate the magnificence of dawn wherever you go. Wake early, find a nice spot, sit back, and gaze into a beautiful sunrise.