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Wheelchair Friendly Cities of the World [Storymap]

Posted by Michael Leavy on 07/10/2015

A large number of the world’s most popular cities have prioritised the needs of wheelchair users by granting ample accessibility and,in some cases, multi-storey buildings have been constructed with wheelchair users taken into consideration.

Some large American cities feature among the most wheelchair-friendly places in the planet, including Portland, Seattle and New York. Indeed, several of NYC’s busiest subway stations, such as Grand Central, are wheelchair accessible, while the city also boasts wheelchair-friendly footpaths and a paratransit system. Other cities with a reputation for being wheelchair-friendly include Munich, Montreal and Sydney; the Sydney Tower observation deck is fully accessible.

This Storymap by Home Healthcare Adaptations highlights some of the world’s most wheelchair-friendly cities, describing what makes them so accessible to wheelchair users. It is refreshing to see that quite a few of the world’s best-known cities have been designed in such an accessible fashion, and that some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world can be enjoyed by people in wheelchairs.

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wheelchair friendly cities of the world storymap