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What to do When Visiting the Islands of Ireland [Infographic]

Posted by Paul Murphy on 22/06/2016
Donegal Ireland Coast Featured Image

Ireland is an island nation that sits on the westerly aspect of Europe. With a sparse population of a little over 4.5 million people, the landscape of the place is still largely untouched in rural areas outside its cities. The natural beauty of the island is known across the globe, but what may not be as known is the fact that there are many smaller offshore islands dotted around its coast.

Approximately 80 smaller islands that you might consider as being of significant size are located around the coastline. Close to 20 of these are inhabited with the largest of these called Achill Island on the west coast looking out onto the wild Atlantic Ocean. Each island has its own unique aspect. Some have breath-taking views and picture perfect landscapes on clear days. Others are home to wildlife such as birds, seal colonies and even whales. Many throw festivals, cultural weekends and regattas that reflect their island spirit. You may also find that some of the islands are home to Irish speakers, although English is also spoken.

The clusters of islands range from the Cork and Kerry Islands in the south west, moving up the coast to the Mayo and Galway Islands on the west coast, as well as the trio known as the Aran Islands, before moving further north west to the Donegal Islands.

For an illustrated look at the islands and what they have to offer, see this infographic produced by Murphy of Ireland.

Visiting the Islands of Ireland