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Venice On A Budget

Posted by Ruby SevenDayItch on 11/04/2017
Transportation in Venice, Italy

Venice is incredibly beautiful; it is just one of Europe’s many treasures. But it is also very expensive. Knowing this is the first step so that you can take the time to research your trip and create a plan, allowing you to have fun without emptying your bank account.  Today I will be explaining a few of the key ways to save a few extra bucks when travelling through Venice.


As fancy as the gondolas look, you may start running away once you hear the price. On average, a water taxi can cost you over a €100. This can put a huge dent in your budget if you mistakenly take one thinking it would be cheaper.

Water buses are the perfect transportation alternative for getting around the city and allow for great sightseeing at the same time. By taking Line 2, you can get a nice view of the Grand Canal, which then loops to Giudecca. This all costs around €6. Compared to the gondolas, I think I will be riding the bus. 

Transportation in Venice, Italy
photo credit: pixabay


Tours might sound nice, but they can be a huge waste of money (and sometimes time.) The cheaper way to hit some nice hot spots for free is by downloading a tour app like Venice City Guide. Creating your own route and checking things out at your own pace can allow for a more romantic time with that special someone or family.

You can always do the research yourself before you head out, to give your city meanderings a bit more historical relevance. Streaming sites, such as Netflix, have a plethora of great documentaries and movies about Venice. Dangerous Beauty is a wonderful film that gives historical insight into the magical city. It’s currently on US and UK Netflix, so you may have to unblock it when you’re in Italy. Give it a watch and then walk in their footsteps! All you have to do is wander in the streets to feel like you’ve stepped into the movie.

Tours in Venice
photo credit: pixabay

St. Mark’s Basilica and Square

The St. Mark’s Basilica has to be one of Venice’s most astonishing sights. It is free to look at from the outside, even though it does have a few museums inside that charge a fee. You can easily do without those, though, and still feel satisfied. The St. Mark’s Square sits in front of the Basilica and can be packed with visitors. It’s a great piazza that is a wonderful place to relax and people watch after a day packed full of sightseeing.

St. Mark's Basilica & Square, Venice, Italy
photo credit: pixabay

San Giorgio Maggiore

This is another church that has an amazing design. It was designed by Andrea Palladio and contains a few Tintoretto paintings. It also has an elevator, which you can take for a small fee. The elevator takes you to the top of the campanile and has a great view. The church is just like St. Mark’s; you can look and wander around for free. If you show up for Sunday Mass, you can even hear the Gregorian chants sung by Benedictine monks. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.

San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy
photo credit: pixabay

Music & Arts

Wandering around Venice, you will notice there is a lot of art involved everywhere. You can easily find some great places to visit, such as the Museum of Music or the Jewish Ghetto. Most of the museums are very cheap, and they are a great place to take the family. You can also find local musicians performing for free by just walking around Venice. Exploring the beautiful streets of Venice on foot is an incredible (and free) way to absorb the beautiful city.

The beauty of Venice awaits you. With a little planning, you will find you can visit Venice regardless of your budget. If you stay away from expensive tourist traps and know to avoid the over-priced gondolas, then you will have a wonderful trip that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Arts in Venice
photo credit: pixabay

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