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Best Unsung Beaches – Some Great Beaches Around the World, That Aren’t Normally Thought of, from Scotland to Australia

Posted by Nat Took on 12/12/2016
Cathedral Cove - New Zealand

Beaches don’t have to be popular to be amazing. There are some in very unlikely places that are actually amazing. Some may be hard to get to, some may be in cold regions, others may be pebbly rather than sandy. However, they still offer spectacular scenery and are generally a peaceful retreat. So from hidden gems to freezing cold beaches here are eight spectacular ones that are worth the effort!

Tea Tree Bay – Australia

Tea Tree Bay is located in Noosa, Australia. It is a short stroll (500m) from the carpark to the Noosa National Park. Walking along the coastal path in the park it is the first bay that you come to. It is an easy walk to here, but you do then have to walk over a rocky section to reach the beach itself. This beach has great views, the possibility of Koalas and a wonderful smell of Tea Tree, due to the proximity of the Tea Trees that give the bay its name!

Tea Tree Bay - Australia
Photo by Nat Took

Snake Lagoon – Australia

Located in Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island, Australia, this beach requires a moderate hike from the Snake Lagoon Campsite. The walk to the beach is 1.3 miles (2.1 km). There and back should take about 2 hours. The beach is at the mouth of the Rocky River and believe me, the walk is worth it. You are rewarded with amazing views out over the Southern Ocean, beautiful.

Snake Lagoon - Australia
photo by Nat Took

Isle Of Harris West Coast – Scotland

So technically not one beach, but several. But as you can easily drive the coast you really can absorb the amazing views the beaches on the West Coast of Harris has to offer. The Scottish weather may not encourage you to sunbathe, but there are several viewpoints where you can admire the views. The colours here are amazing, beautiful white sands on the beaches, behind which are mountains and wildflower meadows.

Isle Of Harris West Coast - Scotland
photo by Nat Took

Heddon’s Mouth – England

In Heddon Valley, Exmoor, England you will come to Heddon’s Mouth. Just 2.1 miles (3.4 km) from the Hunters Inn, a gentle walk leads down the valley and ends at this small shingle beach. The beach is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and was once used by smugglers.

Heddon’s Mouth - England
photo by Nat Took

Sandwood Bay – Scotland

On the far north west coast of Scotland, at Blairmoor, you will find Sandwood Bay. It is a 4 mile (6.4 km) walk to this beautiful beach. White sands stretch for a mile and a half flanked by rolling dunes, make the trek worth it to find this hidden gem. Facing the north west, this beach faces the weather from the north atlantic, but don’t let that put you off! The beach is also meant to be haunted by a mariner who perished in the water and the most recent sighting of a mermaid was here. On this secluded beach, in the wind, you can easily believe these stories.

Sandwood Bay - Scotland
photo by Nat Took

Endeavor Inlet – New Zealand

The North of the South Island of New Zealand is where you will find the Marlborough Sounds. And here you will find Endeavor Inlet. No roads lead to this beach, access is via boat or along the Queen Charlotte Track. It is a secluded, serene place, with calm clear waters. You can swim and kayak in these beautiful waters. The scenery is great too, you can see the sounds rising above the water’s not too far away.

Endeavor Inlet - New Zealand
photo by Nat Took

Mission Beach – Australia

This 8.7 mile (14 km) stretch of coast is made up of 4 coastal villages. The whole beach is quiet and relaxed and in a very picturesque spot. The golden sands disappear into the beautiful blue waters of the Coral Sea. Flanked by world heritage sites, this beach will not fail to impress. World Heritage Rainforest on one side and World Heritage Great Barrier Reef on the other, this beach really is majestic. 

Mission Beach - Australia
photo by Nat Took

Cathedral Cove – New Zealand

In Hehai, a 0.8mile (1.25 km) walk from the car park will lead to to Cathedral Cove. Access is only via this path or by boat, making it a secluded spot. The beach is sheltered by striking white cliffs. There is a beautiful, natural arch that joins two coves and offshore are the remains of other arches, giving views with a difference.

Cathedral Cove - New Zealand
photo by Nat Took

Many of these beaches are not easily accessible, which makes them a little ‘unsung’, a few are just in cold areas. However, these are hidden gems for beach lovers and well worth making trip and hike to see.

About The Author

Nat is a backpacker from England who has a thirst to see the world, especially off the beaten path. She also has a passion for conservation and the environment. Follow her adventures on her blog