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Ultimate Down Under Water Activities and Where to Try Them

Posted by Roxana Oliver on 18/04/2016

If you are thinking about having an active holiday this summer, choose Australia as the home of water activities. The beautiful surroundings and the perfect waters of Australian coast will make your holiday an unforgettable experience. White sand beaches and the clear water is something you definitely have to visit.

Let’s go surfing

What springs to mind when you think about Australia is surfing. It is the most common sport out there in the Land Down Under and if you want to explore the culture and get to know the Australian lifestyle this is where you start from. Grab a surf and explore the amazing waters the Land Down Under has to offer. The best place to do this is Bells Beach. Whether you are new at surfing or a pro, you will improve your skills in one of the best place ever to do this sport. However, if you feel like you could use a bit of lessons before setting off, you should visit Byron Bay, east Coast, which has a lot of schools where you can learn from the experts. More skilful surfers will love visiting Margaret River in Western Australia because of high waves.

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Explore the biodiversity by scuba diving

There is no better way to explore the vast nature and rich wildlife of Australia than go scuba diving. The intact nature will leave you breathless. Pristine corals at Ningaloo Reef will blow your mind. You will have the unique opportunity to swim with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. More than 200 species of coral and over 500 of fish is what you need to see.
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Get thrilled by stand up paddle boarding

There is a water activity that has become more popular than all the others in Australia – stand up paddle boarding. Hawaiians have come up with this great sport because they wanted to stay fit when the waves were not perfect for surfing. Australians are lucky to have the best weather conditions for doing this as there is a lot of sunny days with a perfect breeze. What is more, benefits of this activity are amazing. You will get leaner muscles, better posture and your overall mood will improve. Just choose some perfect sups and hit the waters at Cottesloe Beach in Perth, New South Wales, Australia.

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Explore Australia by jet skiing

If you are an adrenaline junkie, the best thing to do in the beautiful land is choose jet skiing. Contrary to the popular belief, health benefits of this activity are extraordinary. You could burn as much as 238 calories during a 30 minute activity. Jet skiing improves concentration and relieves stress. Apart from being entertaining, it will tone your abs and help you endure more. The ideal place for jet skiing in Australia is located one hour north of Brisbane and is called Mooloolaba. You could ride the waves out there and do donuts. A pure adrenaline boost!

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Go helmet diving

If you feel doing something out of ordinary, check out helmet diving which is really popular in Australia. Those of you who want to choose this activity will be amazed to hear that you could go even deeper than just snorkelling. The helmet has an oxygen supply and you are free to move wherever you want in your swimming suit. It cannot get any more comfortable than that. Visit Bondi Beach and explore the natural wonders out there.

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If you are thinking about doing some water activities, you should book a holiday in Australia, the home of water sports. Explore the picturesque surroundings by surfing, stand up paddle boarding, jet skiing or go deeper and learn about the vast wildlife by scuba diving and helmet diving.