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The Ultimate Flying with Children Guide

Posted by Kirsten McVey on 24/12/2015
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Going on holiday with your family can be a great bonding experience, full of happy, life-long memories. However, thinking about the flight ahead can be worrying. Travelling on a long-haul flight with a misbehaving or upset child can be extremely stressful. Sainsbury’s Bank have created a fun guide to help prepare the best you can for the flight ahead.

Making a plan before you fly can be a life-saver for those unfortunate moments we all dread:

  • Booking a spacious seat on the plane with more leg-room can be ideal for when your child needs to stretch their legs
  • You can never bring too many changes of clothes for your children – especially long-haul flights
  • Bring at least one nappy for every hour your travelling; again, you can NEVER have too many
  • Remember to pack a mix of all their favourite toys, as well as a few new ones as a surprise
  • Talk your child through the whole process of being at the airport and on the plain, especially if it’s their first time

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Check out the full guide to flying with children and don’t forget your passport!

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