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Types of Travel Accommodation

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 29/08/2014

Even though most people generally stay in hotels when they travel, there is actually a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from when you’re visiting a different country. From hostels, to guest houses, one through five star hotels, bed and breakfasts, caravanes, villas, campsites,  and even exotic hotels in rock caves or built on ice – the options are almost endless. And the type of accommodation you choose will, of course, depend on your budget, the type of holiday you are going on, and your general travel preferences.


Below, we’ll give you a brief overview of the types of travel accommodation available and when it is more appropriate to try different types of lodging.


1.  Hotel


Hotels are the most common type of accommodation and widely available in most parts of the world. They vary greatly from one to five stars, providing different types and quality of facilities and amenities to its guests. Usually, they offer guests some kind of dining option and leisure facilities.

Best for:Hotels are the perfect lodging for tourists looking to have most of their room and board sorted for them and who wish to have leisure facilities readily available.


2.  Bed and Breakfast


Bed and Breakfasts, or Guest Houses, provide hotel style rooms but are typically smaller and provide a more intimate experience for guests. They usually offer common areas where guests can meet fellow travelers and interact with the hosts.

Best for:Guest Houses can be found both within and outside major cities but all usually market themselves as a quiet escape. They are perfect for tourists looking for a more peaceful and intimate atmosphere.


3.  Hostel


Hostels are a more budget-friendly type of accommodation that are usually more targeted to young travelers. They are a type of guest house but more low budget, providing shared rooms and plenty of common areas (including shared bathrooms).

Best for:This type of lodging is perfect for tourists who wish to stay in central locations and who are looking to meet fellow travellers or to get great tips from the hostel staff.


4.  Villa


Although it may seem more expensive to book a private villa for your next holiday, this type of accommodation can actually offer great value-for-money. Villas will vary in size, comfort, facilities and location which means it can be easy to find one that will suit your needs and budget.

Best for: Besides generally offering more privacy and comfort, villas are a great accommodation option for large groups of friends or family travelling together who wish to save some money on their travel budget. Not only may the price per person be lower, but the chance to cook your own meals will save you loads!


5.  Camping


In most Western countries it will be easy to find a campsite to pitch a tent or park your caravan. Camping provides a wide variety of lodging options in terms of the size and type of tent you choose. With a large range of campsites available, it’s easy to travel almost anywhere and pitch your tent or set up your caravan when you’re ready to call it a day.

Best for: Camping is a great accommodation option for people seeking a more flexible and do-it-yourself type of lodging. It’s perfect for people looking to enjoy nature, campsite cookouts and outdoor activities.