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Tropical Destination Style Guide

Posted by Roxana Oliver on 23/10/2015
Tropical Destination Style Guide

When it comes to choosing a perfect destination to spend your vacation at, what recent holiday trend dictated is tropical and exotic countries becoming the IT of everything. There are many places that are much more stunning in autumn. With the budget that allows it, going to Morocco, Mexico, Thailand, Spain, India… would mean making sure you’ve got the best time of your life!

For all of us out there who care about style, fashion and always staying trendy, looking good during your vacation is an absolute must. Naturally, the immensity of preparations and the number of outfits selected isn’t nearly as hyping as it would be had you were preparing for a different kind of holiday (say Paris, London or so), however, some style rules need to always be obeyed.

Here are some of the tips that will definitely help you out in your preparation for your exotic, tropical experience.

Tropical Style

Stay in line with the culture you are visiting

If you are going to, say, Thailand, opting for pumps, glittery outfits or anything curve-hugging is simply out of question. This country is known for its spirituality, warmth and kindness, and you want to wear the clothes that capture the essence of its beauty. Basically, your tropical holiday means ditching everything that is too tight, that is not of natural fabric, clothes you can’t breathe or sit in and any form of high heels. Bring one pair, just in case you are invited on a luxurious cruise with the incredibly rich people you’ll meet (sigh).
Loose and Comfy

Make it your general rule – when opting for a destination, always do a quick browse on the country’s culture and style so you don’t appear off when you get there.

Stylish and Casual

Bring swimwear that screams vacation

Going away to a tropical destination means not only packing up your camera and all the gorgeous summer clothing choices you’ve got, but also of course bringing swimwear that will make you feel like the goddess of the resort. Neutrals are usually okay, but opting for daring, tropical prints and colors will definitely make a statement! Swimwear usually tends to cost a lot, especially at the peak of the season, so if you’ve already splurged enough on the vacation you have booked, do some browsing for swimwear online and find cuts and colors that will suit you best. You’d be surprised how much of the high quality stuff can be found online these days!
Fabulous Swimwear online

Stay yourself, but not too much

The wonderful thing about exotic and tropical destinations is that you can finally wear all those statement earrings, flowy maxi dresses and easy breezy skirts, pashmina summer shawls, kaftans in interesting colors and patterns to evoke the easiness of your holiday and, of course, clothes that make you feel good but are, at the same time, easy to shimmy in and out of. Gladiator sandals or any variant of strappy flats will do, too. Flats are generally rule of thumb when going away for the summer.

A faraway destination is also perfect for trying out a new style, especially if you were recently looking to switch your current style up. Pick up style traits of the country you are visiting and make it work with your current style!

Don’t forget about the essentials

Forgetting to pack your wonderful pair of sunnies, the camera, that gorgeous fedora with a wide brim that’s been hanging in your closet, just waiting for an opportunity to be worn (yep, a floppy hat is just fine, too!) and a beach tote would simply be wrong! Put it all on the list and pack it straight away!