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Travel App Lifesavers

Posted by Roxana Oliver on 23/12/2015

Traveling represents one of the true luxuries in life. Traveling gives you the opportunity to explore not only other areas, countries and cultures, but the true depths of your body and soul. It allows you to peek into the lives of other nationalities, to get accustomed with their traditions, to see the world as you have never seen it before. But before you start packing your bags, there are a few useful tips that could make your life much easier when traveling. Today, in the era of technology where every piece information is contained in a single device, our adventures become much easier. Check out the best travel apps that are true lifesavers!



One of the most common advice you will hear is to travel lightly! Do not overload your baggage with unnecessary items and clothes. Most people are familiar with the issue of packing: either you will over pack or you will forget something important. Well, fortunately you do not have to worry about this anymore. There are a lot of useful apps designed to help you with this issue. For instance, uPackingList and Knapsack are here to aid you in organizing your suitcase.

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Need help planning your itinerary? Or you just need someone or something to help you organize your time while traveling? A good choice would be to go for Tripline. This app is designed with a dual purpose – to remind you of important tasks on your trip and to let you know when it is the time to move on to the next destination. Other than that, Tripline is a great way to create a mapped timeline of your traveling plan. Another quite useful app is definitely mTrip that offers you offline maps of almost every major city in the world!

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Restaurants and Bars

One of the most enjoyable things while traveling is certainly tasting different dishes and getting acquainted with national meals. Well, some friendly folks decided to help curious tourists by creating a few apps that would aid them in their search for delicious and exotic foods. And like that, they have made Yelp, Urbanspoon, LocalEats and many other useful apps that help you find the best cuisine in town.

Restaurants and Bars
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We live in the world where traveling to the other side of the world is a piece of cake. Lucky for us, this process has been made even easier with various apps that help you track your flight details, search for the cheapest options and flight availability. Some of the best flight apps are definitely Skyscanner that covers more than 600 airlines and Kayak that gives you a lot of useful traveling options.

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Getting lost in the world of foreign currencies is not a joke. This is why there are apps like Trippeo that help you track your purchases, organize your money and all your travel expense.These apps have proven to be quite useful in both short-term and long-term trips, whether they are leisure or business travels. Currency converting apps also do wonders while traveling.

Backpack? Money? Apps? Check, check and CHECK! Be smart when you travel, with only just a couple of these apps you will be ready to conquer the world.

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