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Top Wildlife Holidays to Explore

Posted by Diana Smith on 27/09/2016

There’s nothing like the thrill of spotting an animal in the wild when you least expect it, or getting eye to eye with a majestic creature. This is bound to create a one-of-a-kind memory you will have for life. Luckily, you can still experience a portion of an unadulterated natural setting via numerous popular holiday tours that centre precisely on wildlife exploration.

Considering more and more species are becoming extinct and the planet’s beautiful sites are vanishing, you shouldn’t wait long before you embark on such a journey. If you ache for a genuine wildlife exploration adventure, we have chosen a few of our favourites to help you make a more informed decision.

Mongolia’s winter festivals

Where better to start than in the native land of the infamous Mongol warrior and leader Genghis Khan. Fortunately, this area hasn’t changed much since the time he lived here. Country’s landscape is delightfully diverse, from the Western Altai to the fertile Heartland. The breathtaking forests of the North seamlessly merge with endless grasslands and the sandy South.

Locals are wonderfully unreserved and warm, and most of them still lead a nomadic life. The relationship between a man and a horse is still strong there, transcending into a spiritual connection of sort.

The country is ideal for panoramic sighting of its rugged mountaintops, vast steppes and desert stretches. The tour will take your from the Lake Khovsgol and northern woods to glacial canyons, sandstone cliffs and the Gobi desert in the South. Enrich your wildlife expedition and dawn-time wolf-spotting with cultural events, like wrestling at the Ice Festival. You’ll get a chance to see a graceful white-tailed gazelle in the Gobi desert and ibexes, lammergeyers and argali sheep in Eagle Gorge.

photo source: pixabay

Trekking in Patagonia

Patagonia is a sparsely populated, vast region of outstanding natural beauty that encompasses both the Chilean and Argentinian border of the Andes. Towering granite peaks that stand side by side with barren pampas and sparkling icy lakes give it a distinct primeval look. The picture is complete with its perfectly dome-shaped pale blue sky and misshapen cloud formations.

Torres del Paine is one of the most impressive South American national parks. Soaring mountain tops and glaciers are diving out of the stretch of numerous turquoise lakes and forests. This makes the area ideal for horse-riding and hiking trips, as well as lake cruising and cycling. If you come in the period from June to August (winter months), you will be able to enjoy calmer weather conditions and less crowded premises.

What’s most important, you’ll get to see the shyest representatives of the animal kingdom, such as elusive pumas, as well as some standard residents like emu-resembling rheas, guanacos and gigantic condors.

photo source: pixabay

Whale and turtle spotting in the Azores

You may have not known it, but the Azores archipelago is one of the most popular hotspots of the cetaceans, gathering 30% of different world species. Apart from providing you with the thrill of wildlife watching, this holiday will enable you to contribute to the animal conservation movement and scientific studies.

This includes the inspection of the stock and migration patterns of baleen whales, sperm whales, Risso’s and bottlenose dolphins in April and May. On top of it all, you will also handle loggerhead turtles tagging and research. At the end of the day, you’ll be transported to rest in one of the comfy, local townhouses.

photo source: pixabay

Close encounter with the Jaws in South Africa

If you think that none of the above suggestions can satiate your need for adrenaline, cage-diving with great whites in Gansbaai may just be your cup of tea of holiday adventures. Take time to visit this renowned tourist hub in the period from May to October if you want a taste of extreme holiday picks.

Still, you needn’t worry too much since you’ll be dealing with experienced operators and sturdy, shark-proof constructions. Due to somewhat unpredictable weather, it’s advised to book at least a few days to ensure a dive on a nice day.

photo source: pixabay

Gear 101

Before setting off to an exotic, faraway destination, make sure to compile equipment essentials for this trip:

  • change of clothes (pieces you can layer)
  • a first-aid and hygienic kit
  • adequate footwear
  • tech equipment (like wildlife cameras)
  • Sun protection (lotion, hats, etc.)
  • power bars and water for recuperation


We hope our selection has made you wish for a wildlife holiday of your own. Make sure you research the destination properly, ensure you’ll dealing with a reputable company and pack the essentials for the trip.