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Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 26/11/2014
Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers

It’s almost December which means you’re probably thinking of getting your Christmas list  ready for a fun day (or days) of shopping. If you’re still scratching for ideas for what to get all your mates and family, we can help you! Think of your avid globetrotters: even if they have seen everything and been everywhere, we’re certain they still have some things left on their wish list. And you can help them tick those off by offering them excellent gifts to inspire them or help them on their next adventure. Here are our top ten picks for the best Christmas gifts for travellers:

1.  A stylish luggage: If your mates are avid travellers, chances are they try to save as much as possible so they can enjoy as many adventures as possible. And this may mean that they have resorted to buying cheap luggage pieces in the past that just don’t even last very long. This Christmas, consider buying them a cool piece of luggage that is not only stylish but also durable. Check out CN Traveler’s top picks of cool carry-ons here.

2.  A notebook: Everyone likes to keep track of their travels so they have memories to remember. Whether people use it for jotting down future destinations, delicious restaurants in the neighbourhood, or the first impressions of a new city – all travellers love to have a place where they can record their adventures. Moleskine offers some uniquely designed notebooks here.

3.  A scrapbooking kit: And while we’re still talking about saving memories, a scrapbook is the best way to save them and share them with loved ones. So why not buy your creative traveller buddies a scrapbooking kit so they can save their memories in a beautiful way?

4.  Good headphones: An avid traveller spends a lot of time on planes, trains and buses. A good pair of sound-blocking headphones will go a long way in ensuring your globetrotters enjoy good music and get a good rest before starting their next adventure. Check out the best headphones to buy in 2014 right here.

5. Phone photo lenses: If your traveller friends are avid photographers and social media sharers, a good photo lens for their iPhone or Android device could go a long way. Their photos will have higher quality meaning even you will get to enjoy your gift when you take a look at the spectacular places they capture on their phone. These lenses are some of the best.

6. A scratch map: Are your mates just starting their travelling adventures? A scratch map is a fun way for them to keep track of the places they have been and the places they still want to go to! Check out this unique map right here.

7. A travel book: If your globetrotters are scraping for some inspiration for their next destinations, consider getting them a travel book this Christmas to help them get some ideas. Lonely Planet has put together two great books (The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World and The Cities Book), Rough Guides has put together a truly inspirational travel guide (Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth: 1000 Ultimate Travel Experiences), and Kate Pocrass created a journal to help travellers explore their own cities.

8. Travel games: Do your  traveller mates venture off into the world with their children? Or do they simply detest the hours they have to spend en route to their next destination? A fun travel game could make a great gift! Amazon has put together a list of their best-selling travel games here.

9. An iPad or Kindle case: If your buddies are out and about often and are particularly prone to misfortunes, a sturdy case for their iPad or Kindle can make a great holiday gift. Check out these cases here for some ideas.

10. Battery chargers: Your friends need to be in touch even when they’re away but too often chargers get left behind and forgotten back home. When you get them these unique chargers though, we’re sure they won’t forget to pack them in their suitcase and use them extensively on their next trip!

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