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Top Ten Best Things To See In Barcelona

Posted by Nicole West on 29/05/2015

As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Barcelona has a hefty reputation to live up to. It doesn’t disappoint. It’s a city full of eccentric art, historical grandeur and vibrant culture. Add to the mix world-class nightlife, incredible cuisine and a sprawling beachfront promenade for relaxation,  and it might just tick every box for the perfect holiday.

 Here are 10 of the best things to see in Barcelona.

 1. Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is as an assault on the senses, in the best possible way. The bustling street is a hive of activity, at all times of day, with shops, restaurants, street entertainers and bars. Pop into Boquería Market to sample some local delights and, though it’s more expensive to dine here than nearly anywhere else, grab a spot at a restaurant in the middle of the action for at least one meal, to take it all in.

 2. La Sagrada Familia

Top Ten Best Things To See In Barcelona

Possibly the most visited attractions in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia, a basilica designed by Antoni Gaudi, is a site not to be missed. The captivating design started construction in 1882 and it still isn’t finished, so it pays to return each time you go!

 3. Camp Nou

If you’re a sports fan, you’re in for a treat at Camp Nou, as it’s one of the biggest stadiums in Europe. Home to European football legends, FC Barcelona, it seats nearly 100,000 people and you can either take a tour of the arena, or catch a game if you’re in town at the right time.

 4. Parc Guell

Top Ten Best Things To See In Barcelona

Check out Antoni Gaudi’s version of landscaping at the enchanting Parc Guell. It started off as a residential property development, before it was sold to the city to turn into a park. Artworks blend with nature in the form of winding pathways, sculptures and buildings and it also provides one of the best views over the entire city.

 5. Font Magica

Delight in a spectacular display of light, music and water acrobatics at Font Magica. It’s Barcelona’s biggest ornamental fountain and attracts thousands of visitors admiring the colourful ‘dance’ of water against the backdrop of the Palau National.

 6. CosmoCaixa Museum

Top Ten Best Things To See In Barcelona

A perfect family outing in Barcelona equates to an exploration of the CosmoCaixa, a museum with everything from a mini Amazon forest to a planetarium. The entrance is defined by an enormous tree, rising high through a spiral staircase and as you journey throughout, you’ll find loads of hands-on activities that the kids will love.

7. The Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter mixes old and new in the most enchanting way, with narrow streets leading to a seemingly endless array of inviting shops, historical buildings, romantic restaurants, peaceful corners and bustling squares full of diners, musicians and locals. The best way to explore is to allow yourself to get lost in the intricate labyrinth of laneways, knowing you’ll find your way to something amazing each time.

 8. Montjuïc Cable Car

Top Ten Best Things To See In Barcelona

For a stunning, bird’s eye view of Barcelona, hop on board the Montjuïc cable car. Start your journey from Barcelona’s most historic mountain and take an exciting ride in an eight-person cabin, through the sky to see all the attractions. A word of caution for those with a fear of heights – it’s definitely a long way down from here!

 9. Museu Picaso

The Museu Picasso houses one of the biggest collections of Pablo Picasso’s art, located in medieval palaces in the Bank District. You can see his first major works, The First Communion and Science and Charity as well as learn about the history of the famous Spanish artist.

 10. The Beaches

Top Ten Best Things To See In Barcelona

In only 10 minute’s walk from the Gothic Quarter, you can arrive at one of Barcelona’s fabulous beaches. With long promenades, beachfront restaurants and lively bars, you can spend days walking or cycling along wonderful, wide pathways, stopping for a swim, to sunbake or simply kick back with a Sangria on the sand, with live music to join you.

Featured image source: (c) istock/thinkstock