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Top Five Asian Cities To Visit in 2017 For The British Traveller

Posted by Jason Richie on 20/01/2017
Top Five Asian Cities To Visit in 2017 For The British Traveler Featured Image

Asia is a land of mystique and mystery to many British travellers. However, holidays to Asia come in all shapes and sizes, from easy introductions for the shy first timer, to those best suited to the seasoned globetrotter.


Check out these 5 Asian cities that offer a perfect fit for the UK native. Which one will you visit this year?


1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong
photo source: pixabay

Hong Kong was a colony of Britain as recently as 1997. This has resulted in a multiculturalism that is beneficial to novice travellers. English and Chinese are the official languages; there are many more English speakers in Hong Kong than in most other Asian cities. Bridging the language gap in this way reduces culture shock and aids in transportation. Also, the traveller will feel right at home with Hong Kong’s many western influences, from rugby fields to familiar foods.


2. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan
photo source: pixabay

Tokyo offers something for everyone. It is a bustling city with a vivid nightlife. This capital city is home to more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world, making it a must-visit for any culinary connoisseur. Nature lovers can enjoy a stroll through one of many beautiful parks, especially during the spring plum and cherry blossom seasons. Even the comic book loving youngsters have something for which to look forward, as Tokyo is home to the world’s largest anime and manga store.


3. Seoul, South Korea

seoul, South Korea
photo source: pixabay

Seoul is a city of many faces. It is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been named as a UNESCO City of Design. This old world beauty meets modern innovation, including its extensive subway system which British travellers will find simple to navigate. Seoul is also home to many spas and saunas, including one operated by LUSH, an English company. Many of these spas are all-inclusive, offering food, drink, and accommodations. This makes Seoul a perfect escape in which to unwind.


3. Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India
photo source: pixabay

Tourists often see only the commercial side of the places they visit. This can be true of Mumbai, with its Bollywood influence and bazaars full of souvenirs. However, Mumbai offers a unique glimpse into life in what has been called the largest slum in Asia. Guided tours - safe for international travellers – are offered of Dharavi, where over 1 million people reside in an area of about 1.6 kilometers. The tour focuses on the local economy, which includes a variety of handmade goods. Visitors to Mumbai can also tour the former home of Mahatma Gandhi.


4. Bali

Bali, Indonesia
photo source: pixabay

Bali means “heaven,” and this Indonesian island is just that for lovers and nature lovers alike. Palace-like beachside resorts make Bali a prime honeymoon location. The adventurous will revel in lush forests, volcanic landscapes, and pristine beaches.


5. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand
photo source: pixabay

Phuket is an excellent destination for both travellers on a budget and those wishing to live like kings. You can take your pick from the area’s natural beauty, historic curiosities, museums, and family-friendly island day trips.