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Top 7 Fun Theme Parks for Italy Holidays

Posted by Priya from Travel World on 14/12/2016
Italia in Miniatura

Italy resonates historic heritage, scenic coastal landscapes, charming culture and graceful hospitality. In fact, Italy is loaded with experiences that leave a lasting impression in your mind for a life time. A much sought-after destination for families, Italy has the perfect climate, cuisine, and hospitality for a fantastic holiday. However, when it comes to entertaining the kids, apart from lip smacking cuisine, most travellers are skeptical on how to keep the toddlers, tweens, and teens excited in a country that gives importance to heritage and simple coastal living. Though shrouded by the magnificence of history and art, Italy does have some thrilling theme parks which are worth a visit and will captivate children’s attention and enthusiasm. Check out the below list of selected theme parks in Italy that will indeed help you balance out your trip to favour the kids as well as the grown-ups in your family.

  • Il Cavallino Matto
    The biggest amusement park in Tuscany, Il Cavallino Matto is cocooned inside a pine forest and offers ample excitement that suits all ages – even the little ones in your family.  The park has four rollercoaster rides which include two rides that are mild and kid friendly. Other famous attractions include Safari adventures, carousels and water sports and activities such as canoeing and boat rides to name a few.


Il Cavallino Matto
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  • Rainbow Magicland
    One of the best theme parks in Italy, Rainbow Magic land offers thrilling rides, exciting attractions and amazing live entertainment such as stunt shows, street entertainment,  musical concerts and theater performances. Have a delightful time at this theme park where you can enjoy various unique adrenaline rushing rides such as launch rollercoaster rides, indoor spinning coaster, and a ride on Italy’s first virtual rollercoaster. Children can enjoy their own time and space at Pixie River, various train rides, carousels and gentle rides. The park gets every age group excited and offers fantastic ways to spend an enthusiastic day with the whole family.


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  • Mirabilandia
    Set in the province of Ravenna which is around 3½ hours from Rome and 2 hours from Florence, Mirabilandia boasts to be the biggest theme park in Italy that spreads over 30 hectares and extends further up to a 10 hectare water theme park known as the Mirabilandia beach. The theme park offers 5 extreme adrenaline fuelling rides that include Katun inverted coaster and ispeed rollercoaster. Discover various attractions and entertainment at dedicated themed segments – Farwest Valley, Bimbopoli, Adventureland, Route 66 and Dinoland. Don’t forget to check out the world’s tallest water coaster and Europe’s second largest Ferris wheel – Euro wheel.  Kids can have fun at water rides at Mini rapid and Blue River, enjoy gentle rides such as Monosauro, Leprotto Express, Mira Express and indulge in fun activities at Fantasyland and Ottoland.


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  • Aquafun
    One of Italy’s much favoured aqua theme park, Aquafun offers visitors a great way to de-stress and have a splashing time at an assortment of splendid water slides, thrilling rides, wave pools and swimming areas for kids and adults. Kids would find this park extremely exciting as it has a dedicated area filled with children’s games and water pools. Feel the rush of adrenaline and racing heartbeats at extreme rides such as Kamikaze water slides, Speedriul and River Run. Weary of the heat and need to chill and relax a bit? Spend the day just soaking up at Poseidon whirlpools, or enjoy a cool dip at Wave pool.


Aquafun Itlay
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  • Italia in Miniatura
    Italy has so much to see that you would need many days to explore its famous landmarks and landscapes. However, you can visit most of Italy’s awe-inspiring attractions in a miniature version all located in one place at Italia in Miniatura. The park features 273 famous attractions of Italy which also includes selected architectural marvels from around Europe. You can stroll around and view the Colosseum, The Grand Canal of Venice, St. Mark’s Square and many grand Italian landmarks in a scale of 1:25 and 1:50. An ideal way to get kids interested in historic sightseeings where they could get a bird’s eye view while exploring  this wonderful destination and also have a great time taking driving classes on miniature roads in one of a kind speaking cars, enjoy a water cannon fight inside a medieval castles, bridges and towers and interact with animatronic puppets.


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  • Gardaland
    Set in northern Italy, next to Lake Garda, this vast resort complex features two hotels, an aquarium and an amusement park. The amusement park has a range of rides and attractions to suit young kids, mild adventure seekers and those who love hardcore adrenaline rushing thrills. The theme park has a unique variety of rollercoasters such as Sequoia Adventure and Magic Mountains that feature inverted, looped and vertical tracks, and Oblivion The Black Hole which has a high-speed vertical drop plummeting down at 100 km/h. Kids can have a gala time at milder rides and encounter marvelous marine species right from sharks and rays to feeding seals and sea lions at Sea Life Aquarium.


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  • Zoomarine
    An aqua Park, aquarium and conservation area combined together, Zoomarine, considered the most favored water park among Italy water parks, is a fantastic way to take a break from the manmade world and indulge into the beauty of oceanic life. Step into a world where you can watch dolphins, seals and sea lions mingle, dance and play around along with humans, and marvel at fascinating sea creatures at the aquarium, Apart from the marine life, there is also a dedicated spot that conserves birds such as eagles, hawks and owls. After an adventurous day with sea animals, take a breather at Zoomarine beach which has a white sandy beach that slopes into a wave pool and surrounding it is an aquatic arena filled with water playground, swimming pool and thrilling rides and water slides.


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Theme Parks for Italy Holidays is usually not a choice preferred by travellers visiting Italy, but it can act as an enticing twist in your Italian holiday. Though Italy is rich in history which can seem overwhelming for the younger travellers, a detour to one or two theme park will set the mood right for the kids as well as refresh grown-ups and let everyone in the group loosen themselves a bit and have delightful fun times together. The inclusion of a water or theme park into the itinerary will also offer a perfect place for children to enjoy after a weary day of sightseeing. Italy is undoubtedly beautiful and each and every aspect of it is alluring. Make Italy your choice of destination this season and let the experience speak for itself – you can assure yourself the most memorable journey of your life.  Plan your holiday keeping in mind the essentials of having a stress free holiday. Now a days, it is easy to acquire visa for your travel – just apply for your Italy visit visa online which will also make you eligible to visit other Schengen countries of Europe if you plan to extend your holiday beyond Italy. For a hassle free procedure, appoint an Italy specialist tour operator to guide you to obtain visas as well as help you in planning an itinerary with attractions that suit everyone in your group ensuring you a good time on your holiday.