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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Road Trip in New South Wales, Australia

Posted by Katrina Daez on 24/09/2015
Whales and dolphins at Jervis Bay

Want to explore the Land Down Under on your next holiday? Plan your itinerary in advance because there’s plenty of sights to see and things to do—Australia is one massive country. From the rugged outback to vibrant cities, your choices are practically endless. Start your holiday right and head to Sydney—New South Wales’ (NSW) capital city. After all, your trip to Oz wouldn’t be complete without seeing the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. However, the region’s true beauty goes beyond these landmarks. So pack your bags and discover NSW’s amazing gems with a road trip.


1. Mysterious Blue Mountains Drive

Mysterious Blue Mountains Drive

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Is it you or does something smell minty? Don’t worry, this means you’re on the right track. Blue Mountains is aptly named because of the bluish haze that surrounds the area. It’s a result of sunlight mixed with eucalyptus oil coming from the trees. Beneath that haze is an amazing collection of scenic valleys, gorges, waterfalls, cliffs, and of course, Australian wildlife. Stop over and take a closer look at kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and other animals that thrive under the canopies.


2. Whales and dolphins at Jervis Bay

Whales and dolphins at Jervis Bay

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Drop by Jervis Bay if your ideal holiday is a day at the beach. With its turquoise waters and powdery white sands, this bay is a coastal paradise that’s worth the trip. Book your trip during June to November so you could watch whales frolic in the waters during migration season. Don’t forget to say hi to the resident dolphins as they play around with their young ones. You also won’t run out of fun things to do—swimming, fishing, kayaking, surfing, and paddle boarding. If you want to rough it out, head to the nearby camping sites.


3. Quirky antiques at Katoomba Street

Quirky antiques at Katoomba Street

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What’s a road trip without a bit of shopping? From old books to rustic furniture, you’re sure to find what you need here. Rummage through vintage clothing shops that dot the street. Who knows? You might find a unique piece that can jazz up your wardrobe. After shopping, rest your legs and snack on sandwiches and chips at the Yellow Deli.


4. A glimpse of the outback via Darling River Run

A glimpse of the outback via Darling River Run

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You’ll want to take plenty of gorgeous shots of the Australian outback. Its harsh surroundings set against clear blue skies is a sight you shouldn’t miss. From Sydney, head to Walgett to reach the Darling River Run. Step into another world as you drive along abandoned cars, ports, and outback towns. You’ll want to take note of rest areas and the nearest gas stations because some parts of this route are miles away from the nearest stores.


5. Australia’s highest peak—Mt. Kosciuszko

Australia’s highest peak—Mt. Kosciuszko

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Take the five and a half hour trip from Sydney to the Australian Alps for a more breath-takingholiday. Mount Kosciuszko, the highest peak in the country, is the highlight of this trip. Breathe in the fresh, mountain air as you camp under the stars. You can also strap on your skis and speed down the slopes at nearby resorts.


Road trip reminders

Keep these tips in mind for a safe and hassle-free road trip:

  • Include plenty of rest stops in your itinerary when you’re going on a long.
  • Drive to the nearest motel or stop-over spot if you’re feeling tired or sleepy.
  • Pack enough snacks and drinking water if you’re heading to isolated towns.
  • Slap on plenty of sunblock because the Australian sun can be a bit extreme especially if you’re in the outback or high up in the mountains.


Whatever type of adventure you’re into, Australia’s New South Wales is the place to be. So be sure to check out this region and have a blast on your next holiday.


About the author:

Katrina Daez is a travel writer working with Alpha Car Hire—a Brisbane-based car rental company with branches in Sydney, Melbourne, and Gold Coast. A budget-traveller at heart, Katrina is always on the lookout for seat sales and amazing travel deals.