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Top 5 Family Christmas Holidays

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 05/11/2014
Top 5 Family Christmas Holidays

Christmas is a little less than two months away and we are all beginning to take that Christmas list more seriously, scramming to find something to bring to our Christmas party at work and trying to find ways to keep the children entertained during their school break. If you have a few days to spare though, you might want to consider a different way to spend your Christmas holiday with your family this year.

The festive season infects any ordinary place with a magical atmosphere that makes it absolutely irresistible. So why not hop on a plane this winter break and discover some of the world’s most beautiful cities dressed in shining Christmas lights? Bring your little ones along too – there will be plenty for both adults and kids to love in the five holiday destination ideas we offer you below:

1.  New York City, USA

Known as the City That Never Sleeps, New York City is a must-see for any world traveller. As a major cultural hub in the United States, you are sure to find an infinite amount of sights to explore in the city. Just in the Manhattan borough alone you will find the iconic neighbourhoods and streets such as Wall Street, Madison Avenue, the Upper East Side, Harlem, Greenwich Village, and SoHo, as well as the famous Central Park, Guggenheim Museum, Rockefeller Centre, Times Square, World Trade Centre Site, Broadway and much more.

During the Christmas season, New York City becomes even more enchanting: shop windows showcase magical and impressively elaborate Christmas-inspired displays; Rockefeller Centre becomes the home of the city’s most iconic Christmas tree; and Central Park turns into a beautiful maze of snow-covered gardens and icy lakes. Hop on a yellow cab, enjoy a peaceful ride on a horse carriage or venture through the city’s subway to experience as much as you can!

2.  Lapland, Finland

For a truly authentic Christmas holiday that will leave your little ones dazzled, the home of Father Christmas is the ideal place to visit. The province of Lapland comes alive during the festive season with a magical season that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. Just be prepared for extremely cold temperatures!

Today, there are plenty of travel agencies working in Lapland that are more than ready to organise your stay in the magical land of Santa. You can choose from all kinds of holiday package deals that will take you on day trips to visit Santa Claus or that will lead you on a magical journey filled with fun games in the snow, visits to Santa’s reindeer, and a chance to drive a snowmobile! The choice is yours to create the perfect holiday for you and your little ones.

3.  Riviera Maya, Mexico

If you don’t mind long flights and can afford to splurge a bit more on your accommodation, the Caribbean is the prime destination for spending a blissful beach holiday over your Christmas holidays.

Mexico’s Riviera Maya region is well known for being an excellent beach holiday destination year round, but during the Christmas season it becomes even more exotic and enchanting. With excellent weather conditions and rare precipitation, there is very little that can go wrong on your holiday to the Riviera Maya. You can opt to stay in Cancun, which is better equipped with hotels but also slightly pricier. If you are looking for cheaper options, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, or Los Cabos are also excellent resort towns.

4.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is also known colloquially as the “Venice of the North” due to its enchanting canals, beautiful architecture and over 1500 bridges. As a vast European city, it is divided into seven main districts which offer something to every kind of visitor. Whether you prefer to explore cultural venues or uncover deep historical sites – you’ll find it all in Amsterdam.

The magical Christmas spirit makes Amsterdam an even more enchanting city. The Dutch Christmas tradition is slightly different: presents are given on December 5 and December 25 is cherished as a day for family and food. This means that the festive season is celebrated extensively throughout the whole month of December. Enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations in the streets and shops as you discover the beautiful gems hidden in this incredible city. And, if you’re lucky enough, the cold temperatures will freeze the canals offering you and your little ones the perfect opportunity to go ice-skating!

5.  Christmas Cruise

Cruises are always a fun way to discover new cities and enjoying excellent facilities on board. During the Christmas holidays, most cruise lines go all out with beautiful festive decorations, music and delicious treats making them the perfect venue to spend a unique Christmas holiday. You can truly relax on a cruise: there’s no need to plan itineraries, cook meals, host parties or even worry about the decorations – it’s all taken care of for you.

So all you have to do is pick your destination! Cruise through the Caribbean for some winter sun, discover the beautiful European Christmas markets, enjoy an enchanting river cruise on the Rhine, or go all out on a Disney Christmas cruise! The choice is yours – just opt for what suits you and your family best!

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