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Top 5 Best Photo Opportunity Destinations in the UK

Posted by Alex Lagarejos on 21/03/2016
Best Photo Opportunities Destinations in the UK

No matter what your photographic style, the UK has incredible photographic opportunities crammed into her 601-mile length. From the rolling dales of Yorkshire or the beautiful lochs of Scotland to the misty valleys of Wales or the gritty urban streets of London, you’d be hard pressed to find so many amazing locations so close together anywhere else in the world.

  1. London

One of the truly global world cities, London is a unique melting pot with over 250 different languages spoken by its residents. Like most big cities, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the scale of London and know where to start photographing. My advice is to get up early on a Sunday and walk along the Thames. Start off at Lambeth Bridge on the south side and head east. You’ll get to take in some of the most spectacular views of London as you make your way past the London Eye, the south bank, the Tate Modern, Borough Market and Shakespeare’s Globe. I’d then recommend crossing London Bridge to give you a fantastic shot of the iconic Tower Bridge. Then cross the river and head back, following the riverside walk. Of course, there are many other areas of London to take in – the bustling streets of SoHo at night, the narrow backstreets of the City of London and the fantastic Portobello Market should all make your photographic bucket list but for me, a walk along the river gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

Photos of London below taken by the author Alex Lagarejos

Photos of London

Photos of London 2

  1. Edinburgh

While Edinburgh may well come to life during the annual festival, for photographers wanting to capture the city, it’s probably the time to avoid. The festival may throw up some great photo opportunities but if you want to capture the city then the thousands of revellers who descend on the city every August tend to get in the way. Edinburgh is one of those rare cities that exudes character and mystery, a result of the city’s many contradictions – both refined and gritty in equal measure. While close up, the castle is stunning and the narrow, winding streets of the old town are perfect for framing street photography, for me there is no better shot than the castle, looming over the city on a foggy evening.

Photos of Edinburgh below taken by the author Alex Lagarejos

Photos of Edinburgh

Photos of Edinburgh 2

  1. Yorkshire

Yorkshire packs a serious photographic punch. A trip to the Victorian seaside resort of Scarborough is worth it alone. Scarborough may have seen better days but much of the Victorian splendour remains to make a unique opportunity for stunning photos. Just further up the coast lies Whitby with the imposing Whitby Abbey, the landing point for Bram Stoker’s Dracula in England. The gothic Abbey is said to have inspired Stoker while on holiday in Whitby to pen his famous novel and visiting the Abbey in person it’s easy to see why, looming over the fishing village of Whitby, even on a clear day the Abbey pervades a sense of foreboding that is difficult to shake.

Photo of Yorkshire below taken by the author Alex Lagarejos

Photo of Yorkshire

  1. North Wales

In a country filled with fantastic landscapes, North Wales stands out. Stunning coastlines and the spectacular Snowdonia National Park all add up to a perfect photography expedition. The weather may not always hold but that just adds to the experience and with care, your photos too. A train ride up Snowdonia is an unbelievable experience as is discovering Tal-y-Llyn lake.

Photos of North Wales below taken by the author Alex Lagarejos

Photos of North Wales

Photos of North Wales 2

  1. Scottish Highlands

I’ve saved my favourite to last. The Scottish Highlands might take in a huge area but it’s impossible to pick one part over the other. The majestic Glencoe or mysterious Loch Ness, the beautiful beaches of Wick or the eminently photogenic Isle of Skye – all of it perfect for photographers. With light that changes constantly it’s a photographic dream, I honestly believe that you could photograph the same scene every day and capture something new every time. One word of caution though – the changing light comes at a price. The locals joke about experiencing four seasons in one day but after being caught in a snowstorm after a beautiful sunny morning on more than one occasion I now pack for all weather possibilities.

Photo of Scottish Highlands below taken by the author Alex Lagarejos

Photo of Scottish Highlands

The beauty of living on a relatively small island is that everything is fairly close. No matter where you are in the UK, something spectacular is close by. Within less than two hours driving from London you can be on the south coast, photographing the white cliffs of Beachy Head or just forty-five minutes from Glasgow and you can be standing on the banks of Loch Lomond. 

 Alex Lagarejos is an award-winning editorial, travel and headshot photographer based in South West London. You can visit his website at