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Top 3 Honeymoon Spots Around the World

Posted by Sarah Sandra on 03/09/2015
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Honeymoon presumably is no doubt one of the most looked up trip for any couple as well as for their family. Even when the wedding dates aren’t settled yet, friends and family members are heard whispering questions into the Bride’s and Groom’s ears, investigating them about their honeymoon plans. The couple spend months before the wedding arguing over what each of them thinks is the best place for honeymoon, where there would be peace, some sunshine, lots of beaches, some old places to visit, great sightseeing opportunities and most important is not that hard on the pocket as well. It is indeed a great accomplishment if the couple ends up at the same choice with no regrets in heart. After all, that’s the bargain of getting into the bond of marriage. A perfect place where the woman of your life can be herself or can be a star in her own; dressing up with cute curly hairstyles and perfect clothes just to set herself in the mood. There are a number of great honeymoon spots across the globe that no doubt has numerous attractions to offer to the lovely couples who select them. These places offer great resorts, to amazing safaris, luxurious pools and beaches and some breathtakingly magnificent honeymoon suites. But the only way for you to get benefit out of these packages is to choose wisely and thoroughly look into your investment. After all, you wouldn’t want to be ripped off on your most memorable trip together as a couple. Here are some amazing honeymoon destinations with a list of attractions that they offer.

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Maldives is a country based on a series of Islands and is located southwest of Sri Lanka. The series of Islands include 1,190 coral islands out of which 100 are comprised of exclusive luxurious resorts. This is the reason why Maldives is on the top number of our favourite holiday destinations. Maldives has become one of the hot honeymoon spots where couples prefer booking a good spot at one of the most private Island resorts. Each island is blessed with its own turquoise colored clear lagoon and that sparkling white sand. Nothing can beat the romance that blooms on the side of the shore where there are not many people who come over to disturb the couple. In the world of social connect this is the kind of disconnect that people now look out for.

Couples have a unique chance to go for diving sessions where they can explore the inspiring and awing beauty that lies underneath the crystal clear water or you can order an exclusive, romantic, one on one dinner date at the shore, with some candle lit setting and a private dinner setup perfectly arranged by your resort. Honeymoon is the time where couples need the maximum time to enjoy ‘their’ time together because as soon as they step back into life it will be full of responsibilities.

Our favourite suggested resorts at Maldives are:

  • Constance Moofushi
  • Kandolhu
  • Kuramathi

About a 10 hour flight from Europe will take you to Malé which is the capital of Maldives and many honeymoon packages include your ride using a seaplane or a speed boat. These services are booked in order to take you to your most anticipated Resort.

Things to keep in mind:

Maldives currency: Ruffiya [most resorts often deal in US$]

Time difference: GMT +5 hours

Weather: Geographically located in the Asian continent, Maldives has a tropical climate where the temperature doesn’t vary that much. Summers are most between 25-30° C ranging through May-November while winters post December is the dry season.

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The Bahamas is set to offer you as a couple a string of fun, romance, excitement and a glance to feel and be a part of their rich culture. The Bahamas takes under its roof a series of 3000 islands, not only do these sound a lot but each of these have a wide range of attractions to choose from. This means that couples have a lot to look for and can also keep their own budget in mind. The Bahamas apart from the sun-kissed beaches and luxurious resorts where couples can enjoy their private romantic time also offers a number of other attractions that will bring out the rush of adrenaline within. Not only can you go deep inside the water to become deep sea investigators and explorers looking out at old ruins and caves but at the same time your continuous shopping trips in the local market might get you to empty your wallets without even noticing. A number of different resorts at the Bahamas also offer a variety of services depending upon the level of the luxury they are offering.

The one best thing about The Bahamas is the greater number of attractions that it offers. All couples are not the same, where some prefer having a private time of their own where no one is there to interrupt them the other category picks up strangers on their way and make new friends while they explore new places and learn about their culture along with experiencing some really wild things. Kayaking around the cays, or being deep sea shipwreck explorers The Bahamas will definitely win your heart. And for those who have the taste of enjoying some golf and late night gambling sessions in the world class five star casinos then, The Bahamas definitely has that to offer as well. Like we mentioned before despite having Paradise Island, The Bahamas is no doubt the true Paradise on Earth.

Things to keep in mind:

Currency at the Bahamas: Bahamian dollars [also accept US$]

Time difference: GMT -5 hours

Favorable Season: The Bahamas is at the in between November- May.

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The Seychelles archipelago is not only your dream honeymoon destination but Seychelles has now become one of the top wedding destinations. If you are one of those adventure loving couples that love to walk over one milestone to another then maybe a Seychelles wedding would be the perfect destination for you. If not then Seychelles is just the right place for you for your honeymoon. The groups of islands in Seychelles offer numerous attractions to pick from and all of them will touch your heart in a completely different manner. Not only are the beaches full of romantically fresh air, sparkling clear water and a bright sun but the five star luxurious resorts have a lot more to offer that are definite to please your married expectations.

To begin with, Seychelles definitely is world’s most looked up honeymoon destination with its breath taking beaches where the deep blue clear sea offers couples to go snorkeling, swimming or even enjoying a date by the shore. Most honeymoon packages to Seychelles also include a whole 16 island based island hopping tour that will leave you in awe when every island has its own beauty and magnificence to offer. Apart from the beaches and the sea the Seychelles culture is also a plus point to experience and remember tours of the Creole culture, Seychelles houses and architecture has its own taste that you might not have experienced before. The houses, monuments and even the people are destined to move your heart and where you would definitely love to take back all those wonderful memories.

Things to remember:

Currency in Seychelles: Seychellois Rupee [no information regarding acceptance of US$]

Time difference: GMT +4 hours

Language spoken: Seychellois Creole, English as well as French.

Visa requirements: No need of a visa prior visit. You must be carrying valid passport and identification documents, proof of return along with your bookings and reservations within Seychelles.

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