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Top 3 Cities to Visit in the UK for Football Lovers

Posted by Hanna Johnson on 27/02/2015
Emirates Football Stadium View by Amrit Gcompressed

If you love football and you’re in the UK, there are three cities you cannot miss: London, Liverpool, and Manchester. Luckily, you can get a train from London to Manchester online. Liverpool is also well connected by rail, so there are no excuses to miss three of the greatest football stadiums in the world. Here is a quick guide of how to get around, get tickets, and enjoy the UK’s best cities for football lovers:


Without a doubt, get a tour of Arsenal stadium. During the tour you will get an audio-visual handset guide. The Arsenal players talk to you about their experiences as you explore their fantastic stadium. Inside the changing room, the coach gives you pre-match advice and when you walk out the tunnel the roar of a sold-out crowd plays through the headphones. It is quite the emotional experience. At the end, make sure to check out the museum which has exhibits like Michael Thomas’ cleats from 1989, Charlie George’s jersey from the 1971 FA Cup final, and of course the legendary Alan Smith’s 1994 European Cup Winners Cup Final jersey.

If you want the full experience, you can book a tour with a real Arsenal Legend. These real-life Arsenal players show you around their beloved stadium, answer any question you may have, and tell stories of their glory days. You can choose from Charlie George, Perry Groves, and Lee Dixon as your tour guide. Make sure to book ahead for this tour!


When in Manchester, a game at Etihad Stadium, home of Man City, is a must see. The stadium itself is one of the best-designed for acoustics and spectator enjoyment in the world. Plus, with Man City nearing the top of Champions League rankings, the games are usually sold out and the stadium is amazing when it’s packed. 47,000 fans roaring for their team is quite the emotional experience! I recommend buying your tickets ahead of time, either online or from the stadium ticket booth a few days before. At Manchester City website you can easily buy them online.

Also not to miss is a tour of Etihad. They offer tours from group tours, educational tours, tours from a Man City “Legend,” and of course the traditional stadium and club tour. All are fantastic and will leave you with a greater understanding of how organization, fan base, and superb dedication play a part in Man City’s steady success.


The Liverpool FC offers the greatest variety of stadium tours, and it may be hard to choose just one. The traditional tour is great, it takes you behind the scenes at Anfield in an illuminating way. Other tours they offer are the Legend Tour, guided by a retired Liverpool Legend. Then there is the “Rock n’ Goal” tour, which melds the Liverpool Stadium together with The Beatles Story. For a lower price, you get the traditional tour of the stadium plus admission to The Beatles Story. It’s a fantastic deal, especially for those who are planning on staying in Liverpool for more than just a day.