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Top 10 Places in Australia to Visit While on Holiday

Posted by Maria Inês Pinto on 19/01/2015
Australia 2016 Holiday Guide

Australia is a huge and incredibly diverse country, offering its visitors a wide range of beautiful places, historical landmarks and unique sights to explore. However, such a vast array of holiday destinations can make for a daunting task when planning your itinerary. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top destinations you simply can’t miss when you get the amazing chance to visit Australia.

1.  Sydney: No list of Australian destinations is complete without mentioning the iconic city of Sydney. Although locals will argue that there are far more interesting stops to make in this vast country, the icon that is the Sydney Harbour and its UNESCO-protected Opera House is simply undeniable. And there is plenty to do around this cosmopolitan hub from enjoying a stroll on the beach, shopping around the Rocks district, climbing to the top of Harbour Bridge, visiting the adorable koalas at Taronga Park Zoo or taking a skywalk on Sydney Tower for an incredible view of the city.

2.  Great Barrier Reef: Another one of Australia’s best known attractions is the stunning 2,300km of one of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs. With an abundance of sea life and over 3000 individual reef systems, it can be difficult to choose just one area of the reef to visit. Most people argue that the Whitsundays area is one of the most exceptional ones but you can get all the information you need right here.

3.  Great Ocean Road: Practically a synonym of Australia, the Great Ocean Road is another one of the country’s iconic destinations. This stupendously scenic coastal drive is unlike any other found around the world with 230km that will take up a full day to explore. Offering panoramic views of the ocean and cliffs and winding through unique rain forests, you will find plenty of spots along the way to explore from charming towns to beautifully golden beaches. Don’t forget to stop at the interesting rock formations of the 12 Apostles to capture the incredible view.

4.  Ayers Rock/Uluru: Yes it’s just a rock, but it’s also not “just” a rock. The largest rock monolith in the world and a sacred place for the Aborigines, this astounding sight is one you won’t want to miss. Regular 3 to 7 day guided trips are available from Adelaide which will allow you to also explore the incredible surrounding desert area.

5.  Melbourne: Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne is a unique city with plenty of fun activities and events available for its visitors. Best known for its fine dining, shopping venues and sports arenas, Melbourne is the ideal destination for travellers who enjoy the good life. The cute penguins at its zoo, the beautiful art galleries, historical sites, and buzzing nightlife are all excellent reasons to visit this lively city.

6.  Kadaku National Park: Australia has a host of extraordinary natural parks, but Kadaku is arguably one of its most beautiful and diverse ones. With a stunning variety of indigenous flora and fauna and an incredibly rich Aboriginal heritage, Kadaku easily takes the crown for one of Australia’s best national parks. Intriguing rock formations, abundant wildlife, and the strong presence of Aboriginals who have inhabited this area for over 40,000 years are just some of the reasons to visit it.

7.  The Kimberley: Everything in this amazing frontier region of Australia is on a larger scale, offering you stunning landscapes of remote and vast wilderness. Mother Nature at her finest offers you the incredible Mitchell Falls, the iconic Cable Beach, and impressive sunsets.

8.  The Whitsunday Coast: One of Australia’s most beautiful areas, the Whitsundays are perfect for exploring different interests. From numerous national parks with unique wildlife species, to beautiful sandy beaches, stunning coral reefs, and charming towns, there will be plenty for everyone to love in this amazing area.

9.  Birdsville: Fancy discovering the true Australian Outback? The charming town of Birdsville is where you’ll find it! Although a small town, Birdsville gives you the authentic Outback experience with an incredibly welcoming people, a pub where everyone will soon know your name and unique events happening year-round including the Birdsville Races and the Branco Branding Championships.

10. Freycinet National Park: Located in the stunning region of Tasmania, this national park offers some of the most picture perfect landscapes. Kayak on Coles Bay, hike along the incredible treks and enjoy a lovely pink sunset. At the end of the day, grab a delicious meal of fresh seafood and Tassie wine to top it all off.

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