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Tips on How to Ensure a Stress Free Break – Keep your Money & Valuables Safe [Infographic]

Posted by Kirsten McVey on 10/12/2015
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As an increased number of Brits head abroad for a Winter break, it’s important to be considerate of keeping your money and valuables safe. Tourists are prime targets for pickpockets and nothing can ruin a holiday quite like becoming a victim of theft.


Planning ahead can help prevent your valuables from going missing and also prepare you for the worst case scenario. Make sure you’ve taken pictures of all your valuables, along with photos of all your passport and insurance documents. This ensures that if in the unfortunate event that anything does disappear, it’ll be easier to track down.


It’s also important to try your best to blend in while away. Be wary of taking out big sums of cash in public and try and split your money up. It could be useful to leave valuables behind in a hotel safe if you’re going out in a busy public place; only if you’re sure you can trust it.


Sainsbury’s Bank have created a handy guide to keeping your money safe abroad this Christmas holiday season. It’s full of advice on planning for the trip ahead, staying safe while you’re away, along with handy tips for when you get home.

Simply Holiday Deals - Keeping Your Money Safe Abroad