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Tips for First Time Travel to New York City

Posted by Pradeep Gupta on 28/02/2016
Statue of Liberty, NY

New York is an incredibly beautiful and dynamic city with many wonderful attractions and unmissable places. My first journey to New York was a dream. I wanted to visit this city since I was a child and receiving the flight tickets to this destination meant the world to me. I spent a lot of time thinking about the itinerary, planning the things to do and see and deciding where to eat and sleep.

According to many blogs I read before the departure, the short stay serviced apartments in New York are the best accommodation option. So I booked an apartment and went in one of the best adventures of my life. I’ve done many wonderful things in my first trip to New York, and if now you’re wondering about what to see and do, just follow my tips to have a great journey. So here’s what I did in my first travel to New York City.

I began my first day in New York with a long walk beginning from the Central Park. As I already told you, the best accommodation option is the short stay serviced apartments in New York and I had my apartment booked in Harlem. From Harlem, I started exploring Central Park and I almost got to Brooklyn by foot.

Gothic Bridge of Central Parkimage source:

In Central Park, you shouldn’t miss the Conservatory Garden, the Shakespeare Garden, Belvedere Castle and the Strawberry Fields dedicated to John Lennon who was killed here. In the park, you’ll also find the entrances to the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Probably the main attraction of the park is the Reservoir, the famous artificial lake while another unmissable attraction is the Bow Bridge, a bridge present in many movies filmed in New York.

But New York is much more than the Central Park. The city is fast, enthusiastic and dynamic, literally a city that never sleeps. So the next attraction to visit is Times Square, the vivid (and full of tourists) centre of the city. The square is wonderful during night-time, but you can choose the time that best suits you to pay a visit. From here, wandering among the streets of Manhattan, reach Madison Square where you can admire the Flatiron Building, the famous construction shaped as a stirring iron.

Times Square, New York Cityimage source:

Wall Street, another unmissable place to see in your first time travel to New York, is the area I liked most. Here can be visited the small St Paul Chapel which served as shelter during the collapse of the Twin Towers. Visit also the World Trade Centre to remember the victims of the terrorist attack, an experience that touched my heart.

wall streetimage source: wikipedia

The last unmissable attraction to visit during a first time trip to New York is the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, a visit that will definitely thrill your senses.

Statue of Liberty, NYimage source:

This was my first-time travel to New York City which I hope will inspire you too. And don’t forget to book one of the short stay serviced apartments in New York for a great vacation! 

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