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Things to think about before you go Travelling

Posted by Thomas on 01/02/2017
Things to think about before you go Travelling Featured Image

They say that we should always have a reason to travel. You could be running from pain or hurt, or looking for happiness. You could be in the pursuit of fun and pleasure, but whatever your reasons, simply keep moving . Before all that travelling, you have to plan in advance and consider the following:

Travel Documents

It is important to know the status of your travel documents, if all of them are updated and in check. Your passport and Visa applications should be updated to allow you the necessary clearances in foreign countries. Organise all your travel documents and have them ready before you make any move.

Health and Medical Requirements

Before you pack to leave, consult your doctor and ensure you have all the necessary vaccinations needed. Also, if on any medication ensure all prescriptions have been renewed for the entire time you will be away. Another issue to consider is that if you are going to a remote area you may need to pack non-prescription medicines that may be needed like aspirin, in case you don’t find them there. Finally, check with your medical insurance provider and confirm if your policy will be of help. You may want to consider travel insurance. You can get a travel insurance quote on Simply Holiday Deals. 


If travelling abroad, you will need to be aware of any travel alerts that may have been issued. It is important to have knowledge of these notices before you book a trip. In the event of any doubts, register with your embassy so that you are accessible if need be.


You need to organise for facilitation in advance. You may need to call your bank and notify them of your plans. This is because if any activity is noticed abroad, your account may be frozen. This could be very inconveniencing especially when you are in a foreign place. Also, be aware of the exchange rates in your destination and have a general feel of how basic things cost where you are going. You can travel with cash and if your destination has credit card allowance, you can still deposit the cash. In the event you use your credit card, keep checking your statements to ensure everything is in order. If you would like to organise some money to take away with you then the post office is a good place to get your currency. If you would like to know the current exchange rate you could ring the post office customer service number. It is always a good idea to understand whether it is appropriate to tip or not in the country you will be visiting. In many countries you are not expected to tip and therefore wasting money. See our guide to tipping abroad.

Research on Destination

Before you leave for the destination of choice, do some research. You may need to be aware of the events that will be going on when there so that you do not miss out. Research on the weather of your destination so that you can pack a wardrobe and plan for your activities accordingly. Get guidebooks that will give you a map, keywords and enough information about your destination. You can find travel guides on popular British holiday spots on Simply Holiday Deals. 

Learn Key Local Phrases and Cultures that Stand out

It is advisable to make an attempt at learning the key phrases of where you will be travelling to. The basics such as greeting phrases, ‘thank-you’, ‘sorry’ and asking for directions can really make your visit easier. . Also, it is important to be aware of any outstanding cultures. There are some actions that may offend the locals. See our guide on dining etiquette around the world to know what is acceptable when eating. Know at what point you will be pushing the envelope in your actions .A good idea would be to stay polite and keep away from controversy or altercation.