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The Ultimate Harry Potter Walking Tour of London [Infographic]

Posted by James Brockbank on 02/08/2016
Sorting Hat from Harry Potter

Movies have a unique power to influence popular culture forever. Whether it’s through quotable lines, mind-blowing action scenes, the brilliant integration of pop music on a soundtrack or the use of an unforgettable location.

Throughout the history of cinema, there are certain locations or landmarks which have become synonymous with a certain movie or movies. One cannot be seen, witnessed or experienced without the other.

In some instances, this association has become so ingrained in fans consciousness that they visit the very location, to live and breath the very place in which their favourite cinematic moment took place.

Classic examples of this include a desert ride in Tunisia to visit the locations from the original Star Wars movie, The ancient city of Petra from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or The Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard.

There are also some cities which are blessed with a cinematic or televisual heritage which sees fans flock there every year.

Great examples being New York; which was the location for such classics as Taxi Driver, Ghostbusters and Home Alone 2, Los Angeles for Pulp Fiction, L.A. Confidential and Rebel Without a Cause and London; the setting for Notting Hill, 28 Days Later and countless James Bond features but to name a few.

Another series of movies which makes the English capital their home are, of course, the Harry Potter movies.

The timeless battle of good versus evil is carried out in a wizarding world which centres around this iconic city. Throughout the eight films, adapted from the original seven books written by J.K Rowling, different areas of London heavily feature, making both classic landmarks and humble street corners important locations for super fans.

From the series humble beginnings of Harry’s first trip to Diagon Alley or his first run at the entrance to Platform 9 3/4, to the Knight Bus ride around the capital or Harry, Ron and Hermione ’s chase through Piccadilly Circus, London is as integral to Harry Potter and its plot as Hogwarts.

Thankfully, for those fans who would love to visit all of these places and more, there’s an easy way to get around the capital and visit them all.

This infographic titled The Ultimate Harry Potter Walking Tour of London from Central London Apartments is the perfect way to seek out all of the above and more.

So, whether you want to stand in the same place as Daniel Radcliffe, or want to get that perfect photo opportunity, just take a look below.

Harry Potter Walking Tour London