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The Ultimate Guide To Travelling As A Couple [infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 22/04/2017
The Ultimate Guide To Travelling As A Couple Featured Image

For many people, the concept of a one or two-week holiday seemingly isn’t enough anymore.


While a short break to soak up some sun is very appealing, increasing numbers of holidaymakers now look for something a little lengthier than this.


One of the biggest reasons for this is because it has become a great deal cheaper. With flight comparison sites and hotel and hostel booking online, there is much more competition, making it easier for potential travellers to plan their route for cheaper.




There are lots of helpful deals out there to make travelling to a number of different destination relatively cheap. One of the most popular in recent years has been the InterRail pass.


Each year, many thousands of people purchase this 30-day pass and make their way around the sights of Europe.


Take a look at this article from the Mail Online which gives you a flavour of all the things you can squeeze into a trip across the continent.


It’s not just Europe that attracts thousands of UK travellers each year as we all well know.


Australia & South East Asia


New Zealand and Australia, in particular, have long been popular travelling destinations for UK residents, and you’d be crazy to not see why.


Take a look at this post from the Huffington Post which lists 18 reasons why Australia is travel heaven.


Another increasingly popular area to jet off to for a few months is South East Asia. The eastern intrigue of Thailand, Vietnam and other nations has become far more accessible to UK holidaymakers and provides a very different experience to Australia and Europe.


The one difficulty with these trips is deciding who you share this adventure with. There are generally three ways people tend to embark on these long breaks, with a group of friends, with a partner or solo.


Spending weeks or months in the same company can be challenging for some. This is why plenty of people prefer to travel in large groups.


For the same reason, increasing amounts of people prefer to travel solo. Take a look at this post from Elite Daily which offers up some great reasons as to why it is the best way to see the world.


Obviously, for many of us, there’s nothing quite like the company of our significant other. This is why plenty of people choose to go travelling with them.


The Ultimate Guide To Travelling As A Couple


While it is a great idea to spend such an incredible experience with your partner, there will likely be times when it gets a little difficult.


However, a new infographic from offers up plenty of tips to help you through those tricky moments.


It’s called ‘The Ultimate Guide To Travelling As A Couple’ and you can take a look at it at the bottom of this post.


It contains a range of different advice, from how to stay healthy to structuring your journey.


One of the most important concerns budgeting. Obviously, money is what holds together any trip, so it is important to consider what you can both afford before making big decisions. Read more on this and plenty of other great tips below. 

Travelling as a Couple Infographic