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The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Free Flight Upgrade [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 26/02/2017
The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Free Flight Upgrade Featured Image

We all love holidays for the escapism they provide. For a couple of weeks each year, we can burst free from the shackles of a normal working week and jet off to somewhere far far away.


And it’s not just the actual experience of the holiday which is exciting. The process of booking a holiday can be thrilling too. Scanning all the possible resorts and destinations gives us something to look forward to.


However, there is one part of holidays that none of us enjoys or look forward to and that is the travelling.


From the doorstep of your home to the hotel reception, there are a number of unenjoyable things about holiday travel.


One of them is certainly the process of going through customs. This often takes longer than we’d like and part of the reason for this is that we get held up as a result of problems ahead in the queue.


Take a look at this great piece from thought Thought Catalogue which includes a few things that may well have slowed your customs progress.


Another thing which makes the task of travelling uncomfortable is the actual flight itself.


There are a number of potential issues which await us on a flight. One which causes almost everyone at least a little annoyance is the people sat around them.


There are lots of different types of annoying people that we encounter on flights, from strangers who use you as a pillow to screaming babies.


This post created by BuzzFeed perfectly sums up all the people you have sat next to and who you will probably end up sitting next to.


Something else which can make the travel experience less than enjoyable is the in-flight meal.


Unless you are lucky enough to find yourself in anywhere other than first class, the meals can sometimes be pretty poor.


Take a look at this post from Thrillist which shows plenty of very unappetising but real examples.


There is one way to make the majority of flights go by much smoother and that’s by upgrading from economy.


Bumping yourself up to business or first class removes the hassle of waiting in crowded waiting areas, sitting in cramped rows of seats or eating rubbish meals.


Instead, you can enjoy a spacious first class lounge, a seat with plenty of legroom, extra entertainment and lots of good food and drink.


Obviously, the big problem facing the majority of us is that the promised land of first class travel is nothing more than a pipe dream.


First class tickets cost a considerable amount more than an economy ticket, which is why so few of us put up with the stresses and strains of economy travel.


However, often this means that there are spare seats just waiting to be filled in first class and if you are lucky enough, you might be able to grab an upgrade.


We have all heard tall tales from friends about being bumped up to first class for free, but for most of us, it never actually happens.


Thankfully, by reading a new infographic created by the people at you might be able to grab a freebie for yourself.


It’s called The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Free Flight Upgrade, take a look below. 

The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Free Flight Upgrade Infographic