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The Ultimate Guide To Flying With Small Children [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 21/03/2017
The Ultimate Guide To Flying With Small Children Featured Image

When booking a holiday, there are two points of focus which must be addressed in order to ensure a great break.


These, of course, are the journey to your destination and finding the right accommodation.


One of these is much more enjoyable to plan the other. While finding accommodation can be exciting, planning your flights, coach transfers or rental cars can prove to be tedious.


The process of planning not only lacks in excitement, but for many, the actual travel experience isn’t a hoot either.


Stressful Flights


For many, flying provides the most stressful experience. One of the reasons for this is because of the number of people who are afraid of flying.


According to this article from ABC News, different research shows that anywhere between 6.5-25% of the population suffer from a fear of flying, which is a potentially large number of people.


Another reason is the process of boarding. In the UK, passengers are recommended to arrive at least 1 hour early for domestic flights and 2 hours for international flights. You can find more information on the Manchester Airport website.


The process of waiting around in airport lounges can prove to be pretty boring. Obviously, it is even worse if there are delays. To help avoid this, here’s a list of the UK Airports which had the most delays in 2016 from BBC News.


The biggest argument for flights being stressful is arguably the filching experience itself. Once you have taken off, there are a number of things which can really limit the enjoyment of being trapped 28,000ft in the air with a group of other holidaymakers.


This article from CNN offers up a number of great examples from people in front of you reclining their seat too much to others playing tablet/phones games with the sound turned up loud.


However, no matter how stressful a flight can be for any individual, the levels are increased for those who have to take their children along with them.


The Ultimate Guide To Flying With Small Children


The experience of flying can be pretty daunting for particularly small children for a couple of reasons.


Firstly, it is big, loud and unfamiliar, making it potentially scary. Secondly, the length of a light could quite easily bee children who end not to enjoy sleeping during journeys.


Whether you’ve had tough experiences flying with your small children or are dreading an upcoming journey, there’s a good chance you could do with a little advice.


Thankfully, has created a new infographic to help you fly with your children with as little stress as possible.


It’s called The Ultimate Guide To Flying With Small Children and you can read it at the bottom of this post.


It covers a whole host of different areas from packing tips to keeping them entertained during a long flight.


A great example is that it suggests packing your child’s favourite snacks in case the in-flight food isn’t to their liking.


Another explains how it might be a good idea to break the flight down into short sections in order to make it seem like less of a dog to your kids.


Read more about these two tips as plenty more in the infographic below. 

Flying with Small Children Graphic