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The Ultimate Guide to Croatia’s 11 National Parks & 8 Nature Reserves [Infographic]

Posted by Jessica Clark on 29/06/2016

It’s time for the turquoise waters, quaint seaside towns and hidden bays of the Dalmatian coastline to move aside, there is a new natural wonder in the spotlight, attracting travellers from all over the world to Croatia.

People are becoming more and more aware of Croatia’s hidden secret- that over a third of the country’s surface area is covered by National Parks and Nature Reserves.

Boasting 11 National Parks and 8 Nature Reserves dotted throughout the country, Croatia has an abundance of natural beauty that has encouraged a spike in people flocking from every corner of the globe to marvel at it.

But there are National Parks all throughout the Balkan region and Eastern Europe you say? Correct! However Croatia’s diverse range of landscapes, flora, fauna and attractions ensure there is something for everyone to explore in the one region.

Bursting with colourful flora, cascading waterfalls, sheer cliff faces and hiking trails to suit every fitness level, the summer months are the perfect time to visit the National Parks of Croatia.

For lovers of exotic animals, snow capped mountains and frozen lakes, the winter brings with it a whole different element to the natural beauty in Croatia.

Med Experience run tours throughout the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe and have put together this handy infographic, making it easy to find the key features of each National Park and the perfect National Park for you to explore!

The Ultimate Guide to National Parks in Croatia Infographic