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The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Road Trip Across Europe [Infographic]

Posted by Shane Dobbing on 18/03/2017
The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Road Trip Across Europe Featured Image

Over the last couple of decades, travelling abroad has become more affordable and therefore more available to increasing numbers of Brits.


Because of this, the way in which we spend time abroad has changed. While plenty of us still enjoy a week in the sun on a sandy beach, an increasing number of us prefer to travel across a number of countries.


With cheap flights and things like Interrail across Europe, plenty more people can visit a number of different countries in the space of a couple of weeks, without spending an obscene amount of money.


Europe in particular, is brilliant for interrailing as there are so many brilliant destinations in relatively close proximity to each other.


Take a look at this post from Gap Year which presents the most popular interrail destinations.


It suggests lots of great destinations and sections them into different individual journeys, so you can see all the great places to visit in different corners of Europe.


People choose to go travelling for a number of different reasons, from visiting relatives to enjoying music festivals.


One of the biggest draws in Europe is easily the many historic landmarks and monuments. For example, take a look at this list from 10 Most Today which features 10 brilliant landmarks in 10 cities everyone would love to visit.


Rise in Alcohol Tourism


In recent years particular forms of alcoholic beverage have really taken on a new lease of life among young and old adults.


In the US the craft beer revolution has taken hold. Take a look at this article from Fortune which shows how in 2015 the growth of craft beer was a massive 13%, the eighth consecutive year of a double figure increase.


Things are no different in Germany where particularly popular beers are showcased each year in Munich at Oktoberfest.


It was reported in The Week that the festival brings in around 6.4 million visitors each year, simply to soak up the gleeful atmosphere and of course the beer itself.


In the UK the biggest trend in the last couple of years has certainly been craft gin. In fact, it was reported in 2016 by the Telegraph that the number of gin distilleries had doubled over the course of just six years to cope with demand.


The Ultimate Beer Lovers Road Trip Across Europe


So, depending on your particular tipple of choice, you may well want to combine it with a multi-destination holiday.


Well, if you are a beer fan then look no further than this infographic from


It’s called The Ultimate Beer Lovers Road Trip Across Europe and takes in a number of exciting European destinations based on their importance of brewing many of the continents favourite hoppy beverages.


Starting in the town of Burton upon Trent in Derbyshire, England, the road trip works its way East across Europe as far as the Czech Republic.


This beer-based pilgrimage then works its way back west through a number of destinations, finally finishing in Dublin, Ireland, home of Guinness.


If you fancy having a go for yourself, take some inspiration by checking out the infographic below. 

Beer Lovers Road Trip Infographic