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The Top Affordable Holiday Destinations for 2016

Posted by Jodie Dewberry on 02/06/2016

The cheapest places to go on holiday aren’t always the ones you might expect. A higher flight price doesn’t have to equal a higher overall spend. Once you’ve considered spending money for everything from food and drink to transport costs, you may just be surprised at how some destinations compare.

The lower cost of everything from eating out to getting around means that plenty of destinations that are further afield could be much more affordable than you think. We’ve taken a look at some of the most affordable places to visit in 2016, to help you see how you could make your money go further this holiday season.


Not only does Asia have some of the top holiday destinations, it also has some of the most affordable places to stay.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia
angkor wat temple, siem reap, cambodia, photo credit: pixabay

Coming out top on the affordability scale is Cambodia’s Siem Reap. Situated in the north-western province of the same name, the lakeside city is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in south-east Asia and also to some of the cheapest prices in the world.

A taxi ride back to your hotel after a day spent trekking around the ancient Angkor temples will cost just £1.44 and a well-earned beer will only set you back a further £0.36.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand
chiang mai, thailand, photo credit: pixabay

Known for its elaborate temples and cultural significance, Chiang Mai is one of the most-visited cities in Thailand, but doesn’t come with the hefty price tag of most popular tourist destinations.

On the contrary, Chiang Mai has the cheapest average hotel price of all holiday hotspots, with the average 3-star hotel costing less than £20 per night. A meal for two at a medium priced restaurant will set you back around the same amount, while a bottle of water can be bought for just £0.16.


There’s more to Africa than safaris and exotic beaches – it also has some unique holiday spots that won’t break the bank.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town, Africa
cape of good hope, cape town, south africa, photo credit: pixabay

Cape Town is a paradise for food-loving travellers. With its mountainous landscape, Cape Town offers some of the most stunning scenery to soak up while you enjoy some very reasonably priced food and drink.

A meal for two at a medium priced restaurant will set you back little more than £22, while a bottle of wine will only add £3.72 to the bill.  Cape Town also has some of the cheapest beer outside of Asia, with a pint of domestic brew costing just £0.61 – 6p more than a Coca-Cola!

Marrakesh, Morocco

Mosque, Marrakesh, Morocco
mosque, marrakesh, morocco, photo credit: pixabay

With a flight time as short as some European destinations, Marrakesh is perfect for sun-seekers on a budget. The city is one of the cheapest to get around, with a bus ticket costing just £0.27.

Marrakesh is an ideal destination for those who want to rent an apartment and spend their time exploring everything the city has to offer. With the cheapest prices for basics such as bread (£0.28 for a loaf) and milk (£0.51 for a litre), you’ll be able to use your money to explore the nearby Berber villages or pick up some souvenirs in the many souks.


Europe may have a higher cost of living than most parts of the world, but there are still plenty of budget-friendly cities waiting to be explored.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany
reichstag, berlin, germany, photo credit: pixabay

As a country known for its beer, the average pint costs less than most at just £0.64.

More surprisingly, perhaps, Berlin is also one of the cheapest places to stay in Europe when it comes to eating out. A meal for two at a medium priced restaurant will set you back just £32, making it an ideal destination for food lovers on a budget.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Vatican River Bridge
rome, vatican river bridge, photo credit: pixabay

Rome may not be known for being an affordable holiday hotspot, but you may not need to budget as much as you think to enjoy a stay in the Italian capital.

Coffee lovers will love this cosmopolitan city, with the average cappuccino costing just £1.03. Rome is a culture lover’s paradise too; a trip to the theatre costs less here than in most European cities and two tickets for the top tier seats will only set you back around £59.

All prices were compared using the NatWest Holiday Spending Calculator, which compares the cost of the top 25 holiday destinations for 2016. If your dream destination hasn’t made the list or you’re curious to know more, take a look at the tool for yourself to help plan your trip.