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The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in The Algarve [Infographic]

Posted by Serge Martin on 08/02/2017
The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in The Algarve Featured Image

Are you a traveller looking for tourist attractions in Portugal? Portugal is a country located in Southwestern Europe of the Liberian peninsula. Portugal is an extremely interesting country with mountains, beautiful rocky coastlines, ancient cites, warm climates, affordable tourist costs and unique attractions. There are so many tourist attraction in Portugal starting from Porto in the north to Faro in Southern Algarve. 

The Algarve is one of the best places to visit in Portugal because of its climate, beaches, historic sites and affordable costs. The Algarve is located at the south of Portugal with an area of 4,997 square kilometers. The Algarve is mainly famous for its beaches and golf resorts. Its Atlantic coastline is perfect for water sports. The countryside is graced with bright colored flowers, exotic birds and animals.

Ezclick Transfers has created an infographic on The Algarve. Get detailed knowledge about The Algarve,  its top tourist attractions, famous beaches and popular golf resorts in the infographic mentioned below.

Explore Algarve Infographic