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The Great British Staycation

Posted by Keesa Odea on 11/08/2015
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There’s really nothing quite like a Brit abroad on their summer holiday, filling half a suitcase with teabags in order to have a ‘good cup of tea’ every morning and posting a series of selfies on Facebook.

However, with the hassles of holidaying abroad increasing; from lengthy security queues to delayed flights – it’s no wonder so many of us decide to spend our summers at home in the UK. But why shouldn’t we? Yes, we want that glowing tan and exotic experiences, but the reality is: we end up coming home hungover, tired and in need of another holiday.

Finding a last minute, all-inclusive deal abroad can be tempting, but often the extra expenses and airport transfers can mount up: from data roaming charges on your mobile to hidden airline and baggage costs! In addition to all the practical reasons, Great Britain is actually a beautiful place to spend your holiday and there’s some breathtaking scenery that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

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Even with our temperamental weather, we’re spoilt for choice with family-friendly activities across Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. With comparisons and help finding the cheapest deals from Simply Holiday Deals and the wide variety of adventures and short-break deals available in the UK, it’s easy filling in the days out of your summer staycation.

From skiing in Glencoe to exploring the dark hedges of Ballymoney, you can always find something new and exciting to do. Staying in the UK can save you not only the hassle of airports but with hotel deals from under £100 you’ll have the spare cash to really enjoy your time off. Sometimes, a couples spa retreat or going glamping in a Hobbit hut can provide just as much pleasure and experience than an all-inclusive alcohol-fueled getaway abroad.

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This great piece of content from Buyagift explores the humorous and quirky ways that we Brits often display ourselves on holiday:

Our pasty skin isn’t used to the heat, resulting in the painful experience of sunburn. We can’t seem to go too long without our home comforts. With the obsessive over-packing and refusal to learn even the basics of another language, our holidays often results in Great British frustration. It’s what we’re known for – only the Brit’s would travel halfway around the world to seek out a McDonald’s, ordering the same as we would if we were at home! And let’s not forget our standard, repeated complaint of ‘it’s all a bit too foreign for me’.

Millions of people come to the UK each year – the first half of 2014 was recorded to have had over 16 million visitors. So maybe it’s time we changed our euros and dollars back into pounds and explored the magnificent place that we call home.